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Reviewed by Jen

Alas, I may be coming to the end of my time with the Carpathian series.  For so long, it has been my guilty pleasure.  After all, you can’t get all that white lightning, feminine sheaths or velvet over steel just anywhere.  In these books, you are guaranteed to find the most alpha of the alpha-males and the most flowery euphemisms for sex, along with a familiar and predictable tone that’s like slipping on an old pair of shoes that you’ve had forever.

Unfortunately, I think these shoes are getting too old to remain comfortable.  The last book in the series was a tough read, because the hero was an enormous asshat to his heroine. He was downright mean to her at times –and who wants to read that?  Here, Feehan takes us in the complete opposite direction, with a hero who is simply too good to be true.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Let me set up the story.  Riley is a descendant of a Carpathian woman named Arabejila. Every five years, Riley and her mother venture to a volcano in the Andes to perform a ritual began by Arabejila centuries ago.  Riley has grown up hearing stories about her ancestor locking a great evil inside.  Of course, she thinks it’s all an old legend.  But the stories are true.  Arabejila trapped her lifemate Mitro because he has become vampire and she thought nothing else would hold him.

Mitro isn’t inside the volcano alone.  An ancient hunter named Dax is in there with him. The two are so evenly matched that neither has managed to kill the other in all this time.  But Arabejila’s bloodline has started growing weak and Mitro is about to break out.  Using his powerful influence, he lays trap after trap for Riley’s mother before she can strengthen his bindings and eventually, both he and Dax are freed.

Riley gets a crash course on Carpathians and vampires as she learns her own power of an affinity with the earth. She and Dax are lifemates, so they must work together to vanquish Mitro before his great, evil plans are realized.

There’s a dragon involved. A fertility flower. Gary Jansen. Jubal (remember Joie’s brother from Dark Descent?) A De La Cruz and his lifemate… but no big ties to our core Carpathian families. Unless you count Mitro. He is a Daratrazanoff, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how he is related to Gregori, Lucan or Gabriel.  Which bothered me greatly.

Also bothering me greatly… it takes forever for the hero and the heroine to so much as lay eyes on each other. The first half of the book was painfully slow.  Frankly, the book was boring.  As angry as the last book made me at times, with this one, it was an effort to just keep turning the page.  The relationship had no conflict.  Dax is too perfect. Patient. Strong. Caring. Sensual. Blah, blah, blah.  And Riley loves him right away. No fear. No lies.  No hesitation.  No fire.

I kept waiting to care, but I never did.  The relationship was too easy.  The external conflict was exactly the same as in every other Carpathian book.  The only emotion I was left with was annoyance that I squandered $12.99 for the ebook.  If you’re on the fence about this one, I advise you to pass… or if you absolutely must read it, rent it from the library.

Velvet count: 10

Rating: D+

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Dark Storm
by Christine Feehan
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Hmm, this one sounds disappointing but I hear the earlier books are good. Maybe this is a series I should borrow.

  2. That sucks. I’ve been hoping they would get better. I loved these books. I’ve reread Lucian and Jaxon’s book over and over again. I didn’t finish Dark Predator(I thought about trying it again)because Zacharias was such a jerk and most the time I wanted to stab him.

    • He really was horrible. I’d just write that one off.

    • Charlene Bailey says:

      Everyone wrote Zacarius off. He even wrote himself off. He wanted to die rather give up his honor. He tried to tell everyone he wasn’t capable of living in the modern world with a modern woman, he made no secret of it. Was he a jerk…yup. But he knew he would be. But having said that… he fought his own nature so many times to love Margaurite, to protect her. He is the darkest of all Carpathians. But Margurite said it best when she told him ” I’m not trying to bring you back from the darkness. I’m trying to save you. Your darkness makes you who you are. I would never take that away from you.” I believe the only reason he feels whole when he’s with his lifemate and with no other is he hasn’t heard her voice because she can not speak. But he feels her love.

  3. I usually grab these ones from the library- it’s pretty standard that it will eventually be available there, and well.. I can’t buy ALL my books…. think this series needs a refresher book, or an ending… Book Savvy Babe

  4. Oh no! Big-time bummer. CF is no longer a sure-thing for me anymore. I wait until I check out some reviews before I splurge on the books. Just picking and choosing the best ones now.


    Still a huge fan of the early Dark series books, though!

  5. I’m almost finished the book now and yes lately I have not been satisfied with the books. I’ll probably be skipping the next one.

  6. LOL, I love the “velvet count”. Can’t say I’ve ever been driven to start this series & I think I’m glad that I haven’t, I hate being disappointed.

  7. Me and asshats have zero love…BTW – $12.99 for an ebook???

  8. I love the Carpathian books but I haven’t read the last 3, including this new one. I’ve heard elsewhere that Domincic is a pretty decent guy and great to Solange but Zac is an asshat to Marguritte as everyone else has been saying. And now Dax is perfect?!? Errrr…. I’ve been disappointed with these books since the one after D Celebration (one of my favs)! But I’m a collector so I’ll be getting this new book once it become really cheap. I have all the others looking really pretty on a shelf. Usually, after Christmas, you can buy overstock hardcover editions for around $5.
    Oh, and for Skyler and Dimitri’s book, I’ve decided to not read any more Carpathian books until that one is scheduled for release. Then I’ll catch myself up for that one.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If anybody think they can write better than CF on her Dark Series – PLEASE!!! I would like to see you try!

  10. This is one of my favorite books of the series. Dax and Riley are my favorite couple second only to Razvan and Ivory. I loved this couple’s story. I hope to read about them in future books.

    • candykiller says:


  11. I do love this series. However, like many I have raged against the extreme stubbornness, and often times, down right hair pulling irritation many of the female characters in these books have given me. I have found myself many a time wanting to smack them upside the head for their extreme mule headed reluctance to accept the love of their life. Half of the book seems to be them dragging their feet. I was not fond of Zacarias’s story either. I think Feehan could have given the strongest De La Cruz brother a much more rounded story without making him to seem such a massive ass. As for this book I too think it took too long for the lifemates to meet and this seemed to drag out the story as a type of filler because the author seemed to not have it very well thought out. The fact that she simply accepted him and fell in love with him off the bat I thought was a nice change to all the whiney, stubborn, simpering of the previous females.

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