Review: Primal Possession

Reviewed by Jen

I have to admit. I didn’t love Alpha Instinct. But I am glad I gave this second installment in the Moon Shifter series a try, because I enjoyed this one much more.

I was already invested in a Liam-December pairing, since I read the set up for their romance in the last book.  Liam is second-in-command to his brother’s wolf-shifter pack, and December is the human sister of the town sheriff.  The two were attracted to each other from the beginning, but December tried to keep Liam at arm’s length. He doesn’t know it, but a shifter killed her younger brother and to begin a relationship with a wolf would alienate her surviving sibling in a way she could not bear.

But December is in danger from an anti-paranormal group who has targeted her from her association with Liam.  Now he must stay close to her to keep her safe.  And the more time they spend with each other, the more he breaks down the walls she tries to maintain around her heart.

I liked Liam a lot. Yes, he is alpha and possessive, but he isn’t an overbearing jerk. He tries to see things through December’s eyes and makes concessions where he can.  He is clearly crazy about her, and he doesn’t give up on the connection he knows they have.  (Yeah, he does get a little boneheaded at the end, but I forgive him.)  I liked December as well, though perhaps not quite as much as I did Liam.  It was hard to watch her rebuff him, even though I understood why she did it.  The sexual tension is great and the love scenes are awesome.

In addition to the primary romance –and some pretty good action– there is also a strong secondary story brewing for the next book.  Kat and Jayce had me at hello. Seriously, there is so much delicious angst there, I am very excited for their story. I only pray there is no love triangle Aiden. (Please no!!)  I will definitely be reading Mating Instinct.  Like now.

Rating: B+

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Primal Possession
by Katie Reus
Release Date: September 4, 2012
Publisher: Signet Eclipse


  1. Liam was so adorable. Well, except for the bonehead moment at the end but I forgave him 🙂

    I didn’t get the feel that there would be a love triangle with Aiden but if there is I’ll stop reading the series. It wouldn’t seem right.

    Paranormal Haven

  2. I’ve got book 1 sitting on my bookshelf. I picked it up thru at B&N paperback sale last year. Sigh. So many books to read.

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