Review: Kiss of Snow

Reviewed by Jen

I really hoped this book would be good.  There was so much build-up. What has it been, nine books??? Book after book of a snarly Hawke and an equally snarly Sienna.  Sexual tension.  A forbidden relationship.  After all of the teasing, it could have been so anticlimactic.  But it wasn’t. (*Swoon*) I loved this story.  It met all of my expectations, kept me glued to the pages, and left me feeling utterly and completely satisfied.  Need more convincing? Keep reading.

As the story begins, Hawke is at his breaking point.  He needs sexual release, but there is only one woman he wants.  Unfortunately, he is still convinced that Sienna is too young for him. She’s got other ideas.  She decides to go for broke and demands that he fish or cut bait. She shows him what he’s missing, hoping that he finally decides to take what he wants.  And boy, does he.

Hawke still struggles with his feeling throughout the book.  He still feels a bit like a dirty old man for pursuing a 19 year-old (though I was never really clear on how old HE is. I’m thinking early 30s?)  Beyond that, he feels like she deserves things he can’t give her. He is convinced he met and lost his mate as a child and that there is no hope he’ll find that connection again.  In the meantime, Sienna is struggling with her growing powers. We finally learn what it means to be an X-Psy and why she is so dangerous –to both herself and others.

The dance between these two is just so great. I’m not usually a fan of a big age difference, but the tension and delivery on this romance pushed that aside.  It’s so sexy and exciting and emotional.  I love Hawke.  He tried so hard to do the right thing, denying himself what he wanted.  But when he finally let himself have it –have her– it was Sofa King hot to watch his passion unleash.  Sienna is a completely worthy heroine.  So full of fire (*snicker*).  The pairing is just made of awesome.

In the meantime, in true Psy-Changeling fashion, there is plenty of other conflict afoot.  Members of the Psy council are trying to crush the changelings.  We have to figure out, along with the Changelings, who the real enemies are.  In addition to a great battle, there’s a sweet b-romance between Sienna’s uncle Walker and Snow Dancer healer, Lara. (I would have liked a little novella or even a book on these two.) And! We rule out one of my contenders for the identity of the Ghost.

This is my new favorite in the series.  I don’t know how Nalini Singh will top it, but I am happy to keep reading to see how she will try.

Rating: A

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Kiss of Snow
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: May 31, 2011
Publisher: Berkley


  1. I love this book too! Walker and Lara’s side story was perfect. I didn’t really care one way or another about him but after hearing his story (which had me teary-eyed) I want more.

  2. Part of me just wants to skip straight to the book. LOL

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