Back Hair: An Informal Poll

This is not my husband’s back.

Forgive me, readers, but I need you to help me settle a dispute with my husband.  After a spirited discussion about the merits of back waxing, my husband proclaimed that some women would love a man with back-hair long enough to braid.  I argued that he was very, very wrong.

He said, “Just because you talk to, like, 75 women on Twitter, doesn’t mean you know everything.  I’ll bet if you put the question out there, at least 5% of the women out there would say they find a bear sexy.”

I said, “Not back hair, Dave.”

He said, “Ask.”

So I am asking.  Give me your thoughts on back hair.  Seriously.


  1. Um……take the liquor away from your husband because he is wasted…Then tie that man down and BUZZZZZZZZZZZ! (That’s the shaver, not your vibrator – don’t get excited, Jen).

    Bear = cute, fuzzy, sometimes vicious.


  2. The fact that I almost vomited when I clicked the link to this post should give your hubby his answer. Yuck!!!

  3. An ex of mine had some back hair (not quite like your man up there) but I always had to pretend it wasn’t there. Back hair is not attractive.

  4. LOL I love your edited caption on the picture. Yes, it was necessary to specify that!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    First, I’m laughing hysterically so thank you for that. Second, it’s a no brainer: IT MUST GO! While I’m sure you love your husband, you are not obligated to love that back hair. To Jen’s husband Clippers, wax, razor, cream- any of these are acceptable means of hair removal. Please do them STAT!

  6. Eeeewwwwwww!!!!!!

  7. The answer is never going to be yes when the words “back hair” are in the question. *shudders*

  8. If there’s enough hair on some guy’s back to make a sweater, I would say no.

  9. Uh NO! What is your husband smoking? Not now and not ever is that hairy back ok!

  10. I just want to know where I can get some of whatever your hubby was smoking, Jen, because that level of delusional’s got to be one heck of a ride. 😉

    For the record: Back hair = NOT SEXY!!

  11. HahaHa oh man. Sad thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a man battle this very topic, only my friend was quickly overpowered by his wife and myself and we waxed his back.

    Put it to your husband this way, a man sweater is like a woman having armpit hair long enough to braid… it’s just not cute. If my husband ever starts to develop hair on his back, or chest hairs that his shirt just can’t seem to contain, I am buying a self waxing kit and I’m going to wax on, wax off that man sweater.

    I’m not saying you have to be hairless, but leave the hairy look for Chewbacca.

  12. No not long enough to braid. A teeny bit, manly and ok. That werewolf up there? No thank you!

  13. Heh, I’m laughing at some of these replies 😀 But back hair as a general rule? NO. Just say NO to the backhair. Blech. A bear is cute, cuddly. All that backhair is just gross. lol Sorry!

  14. I’m in agreement with the other ladies here, significant back hair is a no for me…Just… No lol

  15. Gross! A little is no big deal but furry? No way!

  16. In a word: Ew.

    My ex-boyfriend had quite a bit of back hair and it was an instant turn off.

  17. I find a bear sexy! I find a bear sexy! TED-DY! TED-DY! Hoot hoot hoot!

    The picture is a wee bit out of control. But I don’t mind some back hair. I appear to be the only one. I would NEVER ask a guy to wax. That is cruel and unusual punishment. It always reminds me of the scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin. :^)

    • Traitor, Penny!!! Traitor!

    • Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Come on! I cannot believe I am the ONLY Teddy Bear-lover in all of Romancelandia. For the love of hairy backs! Oh well. After the zombie apocalypse, when there is no more electricity, and the only thing keeping you warm and alive at night is snuggling with a teddy bear, I know *I* will be alive and happy. All of you will be cold and shivering with your hairless guys. :^)

    • I’m totally with Penny. HAIR IS SEXY! Hairy chest, hairy back, hairy face <3 Bring on the bears. 😀

  18. If we can wax they can wax also, that’s just to much hair. Men don’t like chia pets and I don’t like werewolves .

  19. Oh, no. No thanks. No thank you.

  20. Uh, no…NOT sexy!

  21. I’m going to support Penelope 🙂 The picture is extreme, but a little back hair isn’t going to be a turn off for me. I like men with body hair, trimmed body hair. Braid-able body hair would be a turn off though.

  22. Just my 2 cents here…I am with Penelope and Andrea. I do love my bear, but the Man sweater thing is a bit much. Trimmed and contained in the shirt is fine by me. I like a man. The shaved body look is not my thing.

  23. For the record, I am totally not looking for a shaved body. I am down with a hairy chest, arms, legs, and –er– other. But the back is where I draw the line. It just is.

  24. The bear-lovers are finally at the party. Yeeeee hawwwwwww! (I think Jen’s eye is twitching. hee hee!)

  25. No, no, no, back hair is definitely NOT sexy!!! I don’t mind hair anywhere else, but I do like it neat and trimmed up! Thankfully my husband trims himself up regularly and he’ll even have me double check him over his back and shoulders to make sure to get any stragglers that seem to pop up on men.

  26. You know my thoughts on body hair….

    Back hair is fecking nasty! I don’t want to feel like I’m fecking an ape. Werewolves are sexy to read about but I don’t want one in my bed.

    Just thinking about a hairy, sweaty back makes me want to throw up.

    Dave has issues if he thinks that is sexy. Maybe he should read some of your M/M books. LOL

  27. Back hair is a big nasty NO NO NO. I honestly could not date enyone with back hair even half as bad as your example. Body hair grosses me out period and I would MAKE my man get rid of that shit ASAP or we would have some MAJOR problems. Just looking at that example picture is making bile rise up my throat and want to vomit all over my keyboard.

    So please tell you husband in no way is back hair acceptable.

  28. NO, Hell no and just NO. I do not like back hair.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi! This is Dave, Jen’s shaved ape.
    I want to say thank you thank you thank you to the 4 beautiful wonderful women (Penelope, Vanessa, Mel, and Andrea) for your honesty and love of a natural male. My 5%! I can now rub it in Jen’s face that she’s wrong.

    I am not nearly as hairy as the guy above, but in Jen’s twisted little eyes, 1 hair equals 100.
    And you bald back lovers can not say that if your dream man/underwear model/book cover fantasy guy happens to have a little back hair that you’d kick him out your bed room.
    I’m sorry but if an extremely attractive/super sexy/pin up comes up to me wanting me to give her the sweet, sweet loving that only I can give and her only flaw is hairy pits or legs, pfft! There wouldn’t be a pause. Just a pounce!

    • 5%! 5%! Go Dave! Go Jen! I believe hair and non-hair can co-exist in love and harmony.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like you Penny! And I agree. We should be able to co-exist. And love each other. Without all the back follicle negativity. Back hair genocide should be frowned upon. We don’t tell women to grow hair. We accept them as is.
      I don’t know why women want their men to look like boys.

      Back in the 70s, men like Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck with all of their hairy glory was loved but tons of women.

      And do all romance novels really explain that their men are all like…
      “He was a real man. Hair danced upon his head like it was being styled by Vidal Sassoon himself. Muscle ripped skin that sweats baby oil. Face like the chiseled statue of David. And a back as smooth as a babies bottom.”

    • Obviously, that’s Dave again.

  30. Hairy chest, yes. Hairy arms, yes. Hairy back…hell no! No, no, no! Sorry, Dave. lol

  31. I grew up with a dad that was hairier than that! So for me it was totally normal and comforting (in the dad sort of way!) Haven’t had any guy in my life that hairy but if I did it wouldn’t be unsexy to me.

  32. I think the two words “back” and “hair” should never be used together in a sentence. Or a question.

  33. No, no and no. In this case laser removal is your best friend. 🙂

  34. Even if it were a quarter of the amount of hair in this picture… EWWW! Totally a deal breaker. Unless he was willing to wax. And to be more specific, this much hair on a man’s chest is just as nasty. And not in a good way.

  35. Anonymous says:

    not that hairy no…….def. would shave it

  36. Ugh, that guy is definitely a step backwards in the evolutionary chain. 2 thumbs down and a run away screaming from ape-man and 2 cheers for manscaping.

  37. Ewwww, no, just no. I actually don’t even like chest hair, I’d rather have a smooth chest, so hair on the back, no, I couldn’t handle it.

  38. No, no, and no to back hair! Of course, it may be different if the man is very blond versus very dark, like in the picture above. My high school crush was hairy to the extreme but since he was almost white-blond, his hair didn’t show up as much.

    Still, I’m in the anti-back hair camp. Heck, I’ve even tried to convince my boyfriend to shave his chest.

  39. uh no. doesn’t thrill me in the least. A little chest hair maybe but no to that much hair. If I had to put up with that I wouldn’t shave anything ever either rofl.

  40. Jen – tell your husband when it’s okay for me to have back then it’s for him too…

  41. It’s disgusting.

  42. No way

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