RT 2013: My Favorite Author Moments

The RT convention may be over, but I have so many fantastic memories from my days in Kansas City! There were too many highlights to talk about all in one post –and I’ll get to the Ellora’s Cavemen and whatnot on another day.  But for now, I just want to share a few stories about some of the absolutely amazing author moments I experienced during the con.

Gordon & Ilona Andrews

The best three hours I spent over the course of nearly a week in Missouri were in the Westin hotel bar with Gordon and Ilona Andrews.  I can’t even begin to describe how genuine and friendly they were.  We talked about the Sookie Stackhouse spoilers, George and Jack, Jim and Dali, and Austrian food.  I drank seven or eight vodka-cranberries. (It was happy hour. Don’t judge me.) And though I have no doubt I squeed all over myself, they were extremely gracious and kind. It is so gratifying to find out that such amazing talents are also amazing people.

Delilah Marvelle

Another warm and genuine author: Delilah Marvelle.  After an emotional panel on the heroes in historical romance, I approached her to tell her how much I consistently enjoy her work.  When she thanked me, it was so heartfelt that it made me tear up.  With so many readers/ bloggers/ reviewers and fans out there, it’s hard to fathom that just one person’s support and praise can make a difference.  She made me feel like mine did and I am so grateful. Such a humble, talented, and lovely woman.    

A big thank you to Jennifer Estep.  Not only did she get up at the ugly crack of dawn to have coffee with me (and my fellow bloggers,) she listened to me as I detailed why I broke up with the hero of her series.  She was patient and understanding as I went on and on about Owen and Gin like they were real people and I was taking sides in their dysfunctional relationship.  Through it all, she sat there stoically and gently tried to explain why she wrote it that way.  She’s a real class act and a very nice lady.

Photo-bombing Jennifer Estep
Damon Suede

And last but not least, I still have my embarrassingly overwhelming crush on Damon Suede.  It reared up every single time I saw him.  He is just so damn funny and charming.  I kept telling everyone around me, “I love him so much.”  And I do.  (It’s real, people! Even if he doesn’t love me back.)  He gave me a great, warm hug… and I think I am now even crazier about him than I was before.

There were so many other great authors who made an impression, like Jax Garren, Maire (pronounced Moira) Claremont, Kristen Callihan, Karina Cooper, Jaye Wells.  Thank you to everyone for making my first RT a great one.  I’ll have more highlights from the con later in the week.

Maire Claremont


  1. Wonderful pics Jen..you look great btw.

  2. Loving the pics, can’t wait for more. I’m living vicariously through those of you that went 😉

  3. How fun!! It really sounds like an awesome time, and I’m not saying it just b/c of the vodka cranberries…LOL.
    Keep the pictures coming.
    You do look great!

  4. Jen, it was so awesome to meet you in person! You are gorgeous and sweet in person and I only wish we had had more time to talk. The way you share your love for books and authors is amazing. Thank you for being a reviewer!

  5. Awesome author stories! My favorite of yours is the Gordon and Ilona Andrews, I really wish I could have been there! So much going on at RT, great times. I’m really going to try to go to RT New Orleans next year, you? Book Savvy Babe

  6. HaHa I love your photo bomb! It sounds like you had a lot of fun. One of these years I’m going to make it to RT.

  7. You are so lucky I didn’t know where you were with my new bff’s. Because I would have so showed up and made a HUGE ass of myself.

    I decided I am going to RT next year. I have to. I don’t think I can go that long without seeing my new bff’s. and our next Amber Sandwich we will be touching. lol So even if you don’t do the full convention I still want to see you. I will sneak you in some panels. hahaa.

  8. Lucky girl! Looked like fun. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great picks Jenn! Hanging out with so many authors was by far my favourite part of RT. But it was also fun meeting y’all! 🙂

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