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ask for itReviewed by Shelly

I saw the title of this story and couldn’t say no because one of my favorite storybooks is by the same name. I had a couple of firsts with this one. This is my first Selena Blake story, but it will not be my last. This is my first non-QB football player book – Trevor Wyatt is a former football player not the typical QB — instead he’s a WR. Trevor’s always had a thing for Julia ‘JJ’ Fairchild. When he was still active in the game, he constantly asked her out and she constantly said no. Sensible, hardworking and conscientious, JJ is a reporter with a local newspaper and she always, always, always keeps her personal life separated from her business life – that is until Trevor.

This was a pleasant story. There’re no great climatic car chases or killer stalkers and, to Blake’s credit, she was still able to make this a good story about a boy, who happens to be famous, and a girl, who happens not to be famous, meeting and building a sustainable relationship.

JJ is one of the more likable female characters I’ve come across. She’s what I would consider the norm – she’s not rich, she’s not overly beautiful – instead she’s smart, funny, has a loving family, a great group of friends and just a good head on her shoulders. I was a little sketchy on the very quick make out scene with Trevor but I got over it because everything else came together really well.

Sometimes these football players can come across very alpha or on the opposite, like they’ve been beat down by too many groupies; thankfully, Trevor knew a good thing when he saw one. It might seem almost too romantic the things he did for JJ, but then I remember that in today’s definition of wooing there is a desensitization and dumbification (yeah, I just said that) on the proper way to treat a woman; Trevor’s treatment of JJ was great in his wanting to do for her without expecting or asking for repayment. Along those same lines, JJ’s family was just awesome. Not only did she love them but they loved her and it showed in both actions and words. There’s not a dysfunctional bone in any of them. By no means are they perfect, but no one said they had to be either. Same thing with Trevor’s family; his parents and siblings are as normal and loving as the day is long.

The more I think about it this author, I’m impressed by a strong story, without the soap opera like drama, that had me turning the pages. Before I go, let me tell you about JJ’s friends. During the weekly gathering I started calling them the ‘Fab 4’. Cindy Smith is the resident promiscuous one. She writes erotica and I guess sometimes her research leads her into opportunities that she has difficulty saying no to. Gretchen Mascoe is the conservative one; saving herself for love (I hope to God she finds it). And Baby (bit of an oxymoron there) Campbell lives for sex, short skirts and shorter shorts. Between the four of them, it’s a nice blend of raunch and sweet.

If you’d like to read a good story with minimal sexing I would highly recommend that you give this a try. You can thank me later.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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Ask For It
by Selena Blake
Release Date: June 25, 2013

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