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Reviewed by Shelly

Should the cover have given me a clue as to what this story is really about or should I have depended on the blurb for that? I can’t really decide so — you tell me, here’s the blurb:

“Mike Jasper might be one hell of a catch on paper, but he’s still lacking in a few crucial areas. Just ask his impressive list of disgruntled, dissatisfied exes. Who knew good looks, a hard body and plenty of money weren’t enough, especially between the sheets? When it comes to sex, he reluctantly admits he needs help. And who better to ask than his longtime assistant? Ellen is his right hand, completely devoted. She already sees to his business needs. Surely she can offer a few pointers in pleasure?

After a humiliating demonstration of his limited skills, Jasper’s relieved when Ellen agrees, apparently recognizing a cry for help when she sees one. And the first thing he learns? His intelligent, austere assistant has been hiding an insanely hot and horny vixen under those business suits! Before long, Jasper’s office is a flesh-filled pleasure den, Ellen’s sexual satisfaction crucial to finding his own. He’s learning more than he’d ever dreamed possible under Ellen’s titillating tutelage…included some unexpected lessons in love.”

Once I started reading this story, I kept thinking that surely this is a not a story just about sex – there has to be a plot some where along the line. I’m still waiting for the plot. What I did get was a story about Mike Jasper whose last girlfriend broke up with him because he does not make her happy, in or out of bed. To help himself when he moves on to the next woman, Mike decides to ask his assistant of ten years to help him with pleasing a woman. Ellen says yes and for the balance of the story Mike and Ellen have sex at the office, at the opera, any place that Ellen could think of. There was so much sex that I skipped pages, perish the thought, but even I have my limit.

I probably could have let that slide if I understood Ellen’s why but this story is told from Mike’s point of view and only about one paragraph on one page do we hear Ellen’s motivation for anything. I wasn’t satisfied with what I got, I just didn’t buy it — not one bit. Even more, it turns out that in the ten years that Ellen’s worked for Mike, he has no idea who she is outside of work. Why would I like a character who has no regards for those around him? Yes, he’s rich (the dreaded billionaire) but does that mean he has to be a complete and total asshat?

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: C-/D+

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His Right Hand
by Silence O’Shea
Original Release Date: March 24, 2013


  1. Wow, the cover doesn’t hint at what the book is about at all…maybe a picture with the woman standing farther back in a full business suit would have made a bit more sense. I also don’t like the aspect of the book having so much sex that it was overwhelming and not having a real plot line…and I’m a huge fan of books that give us both of the main characters points of view. Sorry this book was so difficult to get through and I think I’ll pass on this one as well!!

    • Shelly Browne says:

      Hi Deanna,

      I was sorry too. I appreciate blurbs or titles that give me a direction of the story – there are some (many) publishers/writers that I stay away from because of that. I think part of what pissed me off was my mindset going in wasn’t prepared for the written stroke piece that I got.

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