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midnight frostReviewed by Jen

Gwen Frost is back and still fighting the good fight.  She’s been through hell –and is still recovering from near-death at the hands of her boyfriend.  It’s not easy. She can’t sleep without having nightmares; she can’t walk around without people staring and whispering. But she won’t curl up and quit.  When one of the Reapers poisons her boss at the library, there’s no doubt the search for a cure will lead to a trap.  That doesn’t stop Gwen from gathering her friends and hitting the road to do what’s necessary.

The gang takes a road trip. Of course, there are fights with Reapers, as well as a host of mythological entities –both old and new.  It’s what gives the series its individual flavor. The world-building stays consistent and fairly interesting.  And all of the major characters in Gwen’s life are back to play a part.

I like that we continue to see Gwen evolve in this series.  Her powers are getting stronger, but more than that, we are seeing her inner strength growing as well.  I like that she retains her soft heart and her emotional vulnerability, that she stays true to the core of who she is, no matter what she endures.  And we see it pay off. What makes her a champion is a combination of her power and her humanity.

The romantic element is… ok.  Obviously, we’re dealing with feelings and repercussions from the last book.  I thought the resolution on it all was a bit understated.  But I am glad Jennifer Estep did not choose to drag is out over several books.  I’m ok with how it played out.

I think the best things that the books (and series) have going are the overall Loki arc –and Gwen’s evolution as a heroine. If both continue on their current path, I am looking forward to see where it’s all going.  In the meantime, I’ll sit back and enjoy Estep’s easy and conversational writing. I really do like her style.

Rating: B

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Midnight Frost
by Jennifer Estep
Release Date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Kensington

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