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secret santaReviewed by Jen

This novella is a great little side adventure for Secret and her harem those who love her.  Lucas is actually MIA, but she does get some quality time with Desmond, and treads a little closer to a romantic entanglement with Holden.  The romance, however, takes a backseat to the action in this Christmas short.

Secret is growing restless in her new position as part of the vampire Tribunal.  She misses the rush of being a bounty hunter.  So when her friend Mercedes approaches her to help solve a grisly case, she doesn’t think twice about stepping up.  Someone –or something– is snatching children and leaving their body parts in Christmas stockings like a bloody gift.  And Mercedes thinks the culprit is supernatural.  It’s a perfect fit for Secret’s brand of justice.

Of course, the mystery does manage to tie in with Secret’s love life. The search pairs her with Holden, reminding her of their growing sexual tension.  And it ends up with a connection to Desmond that Secret can’t ignore.  (He’s not the bad guy; don’t worry.)  Seeing Secret with Desmond makes me all the more frustrated by her inability to just pick a dude and stick with him.  In particular, there’s one line in the book where she calls herself a prude because she isn’t sleeping with Lucas too.  What?  She clearly loves Desmond.  He loves her.  The rest is grating on the romantic in me.

But as with the other installments in the series, I liked the other elements of the book enough to try to push my feelings about this aside.  Though it is growing increasingly difficult as I fall harder for Desmond.  The mystery is interesting and exciting.  The villain is gnarly.  I like Secret.  I like the secondary characters.  The writing is good. The story is good… and I enjoyed the Christmas tie-in.  It’s a fun ride. But we need to start eliminating romantic interests.  (And by that, I most assuredly do NOT mean by killing Desmond.  Right now, I can’t see any other way to legitimately remove him as a love interest.  I’m scared.  Obviously, there are too may evil authors in my library.)  I will keep the faith.

Rating: B

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Secret Santa
by Sierra Dean
Release Date: November 20, 2011
Publisher: Samhain

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