Review: Something Secret This Way Comes

something secretReviewed by Jen

OK. Sierra Dean has me hooked. I really enjoyed this first full installment in the Secret McQueen series and with the nut-punch ending, I am chomping at the bit to read book two!

Secret McQueen is a vampire bounty hunter and she is really good at her job. In fact, she is something of a boogeyman to rouge vamps. She can credit her ass-kicking skills to her mixed bloodline. Secret is half-vampire, half-werewolf –an anomaly in the supernatural world and she keeps her heritage a closely guarded secret.

As the story begins, Secret discovers that an old vampire-nemesis is back in town and he would love nothing more than to put her in the ground. Unfortunately, the vampire council makes her in charge of bringing him in… alive. It’s a tall order, considering how powerful he is, but she doesn’t have much choice.

As if that wouldn’t be hard enough on its own, Secret is dealing with a major distraction. All of her life, she has struggled to ignore her werewolf side, but now it’s impossible, thanks to the appearance of Lucas, the local werewolf King. He heats her blood and offers a soul-deep connection to the were part of her that she never knew was possible. Throw in an unexpected connection to a second wolf and Secret’s love life is a hot mess. And a minefield. Remember, no one knows what she is. The vamps don’t know about her wolf side and the wolves don’t know about her vamp side. You know it’s inevitable that it will all come crashing down on her.

I loved Secret. Yes, the female monster-hunter with a little bit of monster in her blood is a bit overdone. But while it did feel a little familiar, it didn’t feel like a copycat or a rehash. The reason authors keep using the formula is because it works. I was very invested in Secret, both in her personal and professional life. The world building is good. The characterization is good. My only concern was with the love triangle. (Maybe even a love-rectangle? –I’m not counting Holden out.) I’m a little scared of an Anita Blake vibe growing out of Secret being so, er, overcome with her affections, but other fans assure me that I don’t have to worry. I will hold them to that promise –and happily keep reading.

Rating: B+

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Something Secret This Way Comes
by Sierra Dean
Release Date: May 10, 2011
Publisher: Samhain


  1. I can’t believe that you haven’t read this series yet! It’s DA BOMB!!

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