Review: The Governess Affair

governess affairReviewed by Jen

You can’t go wrong with Courtney Milan! This is the novella that sets the stage for her Brothers Sinister series and it definitely whets the appetite for more, while still giving you a complete and satisfying love story.

Hugo Marshall is the son of a coal miner, with an unerring drive to make himself into something more.   If he can turn around the finances of the Duke of Clermont, it will put a tidy sum in his bank.  Unfortunately, there is something standing in his way –or rather, someone.  Serena is a former governess who was coerced into the Duke’s bed.  Now she is with child and is threatening a scandal if the Duke doesn’t do right by her baby.  The Duke dispatches Hugo to get rid of her, but refuses to tell him the nature of her grievance.

Day after day, Serena sits outside the Duke’s home, waiting for a response, until finally Hugo ventures out to address her directly.  He is intrigued by her fortitude.  One encounter turns into two, then more. Slowly, he begins to unravel her secrets and to fall for the woman who stands in the way of his future plans.

Milan is so great with novellas. Despite the short length, she really draws such well developed characters.  I felt like I knew them –especially Hugo. I understood their motivations and I believed in the development of their affections.  Hugo is a great hero. With the childhood he had, it’s easy to see why he is so determined to succeed, but when push comes to shove, his humanity wins.  I love the moment he finally makes his peace with the Duke!

The romance is really quite lovely.  Serena has given up on happy endings –and Hugo seems like the most unlikely man in the world to change that.  But somehow they fix something broken in each other. They see the value in one another that everyone else has overlooked.  It’s heartfelt; and when they come together physically, it’s quite satisfying too.

And the Epilogue is great too. (How rarely I say that!)  It sets up the remainder of the series in a way you can’t help but be excited about.  Another winner from Milan.

Rating: B+

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The Governess Affair
by Courtney Milan
Release Date: April 21, 2012

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