Review: The Rules of Engagement

rules of engagementReviewed by Carrie

Hugh Trevalyn was floundering in his romantic affairs when he discovered that an invented fiancée gave him the forbidden fruit element that drew the ladies in.  After successfully plowing through the ton for nearly 10 years, the angelically beautiful Miss Lucy Meriwether has Hugh panting after her and he proposes.   The only impediment to their engagement was that Lucy wanted to meet Hugh’s former “fiancée” to be assured that the lady is taken care of.

Enter Amelia Grant, Hugh’s oldest and best friend.  Hugh badgers Amelia into pretending to be the aforementioned fiancée so he can marry the lady of his dreams.  Little does he know that he’s been the man of Amelia’s dreams for some time.  Add in Hugh’s debonair cousin Aubrey who takes a shine to Amelia and tempers and feelings flare.

This is a light hearted Regency formulaic novella by a new to me author.  I loved Hugh and Amelia’s fast paced banter.  While I wanted to brain Hugh over the head at times, Amelia was a perfect foil for him.  The conflict was contrived but forgivable.  This book didn’t reinvent the wheel but it was quick fun read.

Grade: C+

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Rules of Engagement
by Jillian Leigh
Release Date: May 22, 2013
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group


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