Review: The Summer He Came Home

summerReviewed by Carrie

Cain Black left his small town in the dust 10 years ago to pursue his rock star dreams. Unfortunately, a death of an old friend sends him back from where he once belonged. Problems within the band and in his own life make the loss of Cain’s friend that much more poignant. While at the funeral, Cain meets quiet single mom Maggie O’Rourke and is smitten.

Maggie is focused on providing for her child and herself and is determined to keep Cain at arm’s length. Not only is she the new girl, but she’s also the maid to most of the town’s upper class residents. Little does she realize that Cain won’t give up his first taste of “real” he’s had in a long time and he slowly begins to chip away at her walls. I very much enjoyed this sweet romance. There is really great push/pull tension going on the entire book, from the rock star pursuing the maid to small town politics to wealth disparities. Despite this, the story moves quickly and doesn’t get bogged down.

I really connected with both characters. After initially enjoying the spoils of fame, Cain realizes he’s surrounded by sycophants and liars – everyone has an agenda. Coming back home, Cain’s eyes are opened again and are grounded in what is real. His mother chides him. The town hasn’t forgotten the wilder days of his youth. His friends give him no quarter. So when he connects with Maggie, he desperately wants to hold on to that feeling.

For Maggie, Cain represents everything out of her reach. She has no other choice but to be real. Maggie and her son’s lives depend on her staying low, making do and just surviving. As Cain slowly ingratiates himself, Maggie let’s hope bloom just a little bit and it makes you root for them both to make it together.

As the couple negotiates the minefields on their way to their HEA, the side characters provide a nice balance and I am eager for their coming books.

I really recommend this book to those who are looking for a sweet small town romance with a couple that you genuinely can root for.

Rating: B+

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The Summer He Came Home
by Juliana Stone
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks

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