Review: The Wicked

Reviewed by Jen

Sometimes I think I am too hard on novellas. I complain because there isn’t enough substance; that I don’t connect to the characters; or I don’t believe in the love story.  Sometimes I ask myself, Is it fair to expect an entire story in half the word count of a full length book?  Then –every blue moon– I come across a novella like this one — one that delivers– and I’m glad my standards exist, because it proves size isn’t everything

It doesn’t hurt that story begins with a tie in to my favorite couple in the series: Grace and Khalil.  Our heroine, Olivia, is a great friend of Grace’s who has been tapped to go on mission for the vampire Carling.  She is a human witch and a symbologist who is working with a team to move Carling’s ancient library out of her island home.  There are seven people in the group, including Khalil’s dysfunctional daughter Phaedra, and members of a security team lead by a Wyr named Sebastian.

Sparks fly between Olivia and Sebastian right away.  I liked our hero immediately. He’s not seven feet tall or as old as time.  He is actually kind of short for a man –and about 200 years into his 250 year lifespan.  And if that doesn’t humanize him enough, he is also fighting a curse that’s turning him blind –and fighting the ennui of a life without love.  He is vulnerable, yet still powerful.  He’s fast and strong, feared and filthy rich.  Plus, he sees the value in Olivia.. despite the fact that she isn’t a 20 year-old virgin or a raving beauty.

There is a tangible sexual tension between them, but their path to happily every after looks wide open.  I really enjoyed watching them fall for one another and the love scenes were great too. There’s a bit of drama in an external conflict I won’t spoil, but the love story is really the heart of the book.  Very satisfying –and reminded me why I love the Elder Races series so much. Now I am more jazzed than ever for Kinked!  (Is it November yet?)

Rating: B+

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The Wicked
by Thea Harrison
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher: Samhain

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