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beyond controlReviewed by Carrie

Remember when I told you to go read Beyond Shame for an unusually awesome erotic novel?  If you didn’t, turn back and go do it. If you did, welcome back for some more raunchy good times with the O’Kane gang as they continue to build their empire in the Sectors.  Book two in the Beyond series brings us Dallas and Lex’s story.

I was anxiously awaiting their story. Dallas is the ultimate alpha.  He is the self-made boss of Sector Four.  He fought his own way and formed his own gang.  No one dares to challenge Dallas except Lex and Lex is the only one Dallas lets get away with it.   They’ve had this push/pull thing going on even though it’s obvious to just about everyone that there is deep feeling between the two.  Dallas wants to keep her under his thumb, especially after Lex got injured, but because of promises she made herself in her former life, Lex can’t bring herself to relinquish control.  They antagonize each other hoping one will give in so a clear decision can be made about the relationship.  The power play that goes on is sometimes fun and sometimes heartbreaking to watch unfold.  Ultimately, once they get past all their baggage, Dallas and Lex set the page on fire whether doing business or at play.

As always, sex is the way the O’Kane’s communicate – at one point six of them.  Lordy…I cannot even.  Look, it was so dirty that I had to put my kindle down and go splash my face with water.  There is just about any kink to satisfy readers.  However prolific all the sexy times are, I want stress that it wasn’t sex just to have sex or to eat up pages.  These characters hard lives have forced them to learn to trust only actions, yet it’s in these scenes that Rocha weaves a certain spell that draws out the emotions of the characters and, in turn, affects the reader.  I will reiterate my earlier sentiments, best erotica I’ve read yet.

In the first book, I complained a bit about the lack of information overall and Rocha has delivered.  Readers find out about Lex’s backstory, more about the various Sectors and how the world “works”.  The suspense plot moves along with new Sector leaders angling for power.  We learn a bit more about the O’Kane gang – Noelle & Jasper are settling, Cruz has some development and Six shadowing Bren.  I love that we get a chapter or two from other POV to lend a different angle to the story and, usually, as a lead in to the next couple.

Kit Rocha writes such layered characters and compelling story that this is one series I wait with baited breath for.

Grade: A

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Beyond Control
by Kit Rocha (Moira Rogers)
Release Date: March 19, 2013


  1. Carrie, I just loved your review. You are too funny! I remember once reading, accidentally, I might add (truly, that time it was) some raunchy, raunchy stuff on my Kindle. I was in first class on an airplane headed to Phoenix when I realized this was perhaps unsuitable reading (even for me) and looked around guiltily only to see that the gentleman next to me could, and apparently had, read some of it because I had enlarged the text to make it easier to read. Looooooooordy!

    I winked at him, told him it was a freebie on Amazon and he too could read it. I kept my old and bold act and went back to reading…I KNOW that poor man wanted to jump off the plane. Served him right for reading over my shoulder LOL!

    At any rate, I should pick up this series the next time I fly the friendly skies. It is a 13 hour flight, so I am downloading both books 🙂

    • Ha! I’ve been there!! I read the first one while at a PTA book fundraiser. I kept peeking around to see if anyone was looking at me. 🙂 Enjoy the books and come back and chat with me!

  2. Shelly Browne says:

    This sounds totally like something I would enjoy. I have an out of town marathon coming up next month – the downtime will now have something to occupy it.

    Great review!

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