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beyond painReviewed by Carrie

When the first book, Beyond Shame, was recommended to me as dystopian erotica, I was very skeptical.  My first thoughts were: it’s not in my normal wheelhouse of what I usually read and what the hell is dystopian erotica anyway?However, because so many bloggers and authors whose opinions I trust were raving, I decided to take a chance.  I am so glad I did because this series is defining what erotica should be: a compelling story interwoven with an off the charts sexual narrative.  If you haven’t started this series yet, go grab Beyond Shame.

Dallas O’Kane has taken over Sector 3, but it’s still a mess.  Things are starting to move fast and Dallas wants his right hand on the pulse.  Dallas wants Bren to take Six with him in hopes that her knowledge will help to foster goodwill and help get the sector under control.

Readers first met Six when she was rescued from Trent Wilson, the cruel leader of Sector 3, by the O’Kane gang.   Bren saw that Six was a victim and took her under his wing.  Even though there was an immediate connection, he’s had to play it slow as Six heals emotionally from years of abuse.

She was raised on the Farms, kidnapped by human traffickers only to fall prey to Trent Wilson’s false promises.  Six behaves more like a chained and whipped dog than a cowering victim; her guard is constantly up waiting for the next blow.   Previous to Bren, the only kindness she’s experienced is some vague memories of her mother brushing her hair.  Six is determined, fierce and an all-around badass (Side note: She really reminds me of Xhex from BDB) all the way through the book.  She doesn’t wimp out after hooking up with Bren, in fact, she gets even stronger.  It’s a beautiful journey to watch Six come to believe and trust not only Bren, but the entire O’Kane gang.

As they are doing their work in Sector 3, they begin to open up to each other.  We get a little more story on the man responsible for Bren’s downfall from Eden’s military police and the man responsible for framing Bren.

Of course the sex is NUCLEAR hot.  Kit Rocha writes sex scenes that are sinuous and stealthy in the midst of their decadence.  Bren & Six are a one to one couple, unlike most of the O’Kane gang, but Six’s voyeuristic inclinations result in one specific scene that had me actually fanning my face.  Bren’s kink is pain.  Honestly, there’s not that much of it.  After explaining in detail how he discovered this about himself, there’s only one other BDSM scene.

There are check-ins with most of the other O’Kane members.  It’s awesome to see Dallas and Lex successfully working together as “head” of the gang while still sweet on each other.  There is more progress on the Ace/Rachel/Cruz storyline – the next book.   Maddox has some chapters and the jester hints at the pain underneath.

This book is definitely heavier on the plot than the previous books.  Rocha has created a gritty tough world and filled it with raw characters who find acceptance within a group of misfits; misfits who just so happen to also have insanely hot sex.  I could not ask for anything more in a book.  Go read now.

Grade: A-/B+

*ARC provided by author for review

Beyond Pain
by Kit Rocha (Moira Rogers)
Release Date: August 26, 2013

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