Interview: Gena Showalter

darkest cravingBy Jen

PNR & YA author Gena Showalter is visiting the blog today, chatting with me about her books. Welcome Gena!  Is this the end for the Lords of the Underworld series?  Please tell me we’ll see an HEA for poor Torin.

Gena: Happy to say The Darkest Craving isn’t the end.  Torin’s book is next.  This is for sure!  I have a title and everything LOL  (though the title hasn’t gotten final approval so I can’t share it—but I bet you guys can guess what it is).  The book will be published at the end of 2104.  And even though the next books aren’t yet under contract, I do plan to write stories for Cameo and William. (And no, they aren’t a couple.  Although…no.  No, not gonna go there.)

Jen: Can you give us any hints about what’s ahead in the Angels of the Dark series?  How many books are contracted for that series?

Gena: Burning Dawn, Thane’s book, is the final book in my current contract.  It’s quite different from the last book, Beauty Awakened, because it needed to fit Thane’s smoldering personality and needs.  It’s faaaar sexier (as is Black and Blue), with a heroine who is quite droll.  I love her.  She is the spice his life needed, no question, and when he comes to realize that…shiver!  I soooo want to spill details – I’m seriously bubbling over eager to talk about it, but because my amazing editor hasn’t seen it, I hesitate to share even the tiniest blue

Jen: I saw the cover art for Black and Blue (which is gorgeous!) so I know that’s coming in the Otherworld Assassin series, but what about the Alien Huntress series? Is there anything new on the horizon there?

Gena: Right now, nothing is in the works.  BUT.  (I have a love/hate relationship with that word)  I don’t plan to leave the characters in the dust forever, no matter what publishing route I have to go.  At the very least, I’d like to tell the story of Dallas from Alien Huntress (who makes an appearance in Black and Blue) and John No Last Name from Otherworld Assassins.

Jen: You’ve been very open about your faith and how it’s impacted your life.  Do you feel like that has influenced your writing, either in the storyline, the bedroom scenes… or some other way?

gena showalter-3Gena: Yes, I think so.  And I understand why.  The girl that crawled into that sickbed isn’t the one that jumped out.  I’m a new person, and learning my way.  I’m learning what works for me and what doesn’t, as well as strengths and weaknesses.  Honestly, it’s like learning to write all over again.  But I’m enjoying the process.

Jen: Through the Zombie Glass is out in September, right? Do you see more YA in your future? 

Gena: THROUGH THE ZOMBIE GLASS hits bookstores September 24th, and I am so beyond eager.  And oh, yes, there are at least two more young adults in my future.  (That’s how many more I currently have under contract LOL)  One will be the third White Rabbit Chronicles book (no title as yet) and the fourth might just be the end to the Intertwined series.

Jen: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me!  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my Torin!!!


  1. Great interview Jen! I hadn’t seen the cover art for Thane’s book and it’s amazing…I’m sad that we don’t have the hero featured though. 🙁 I’m also excited to hear that she’s hoping to write a book for Cameo as well as William…I’m still hoping for some Galen & Legion action. 😀 I had also heard something about Gena’s faith changing a little bit, and I’m happy that you touched on that. It’s nice to hear it from the author instead of just through the grapevine. *Crossing My Fingers* for more awesome books coming from Gena soon! 😀 Too bad we have to wait until the end of NEXT YEAR for Torin’s book…but I’m sure the wait will be worth it. 😉

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