Review: A Bloody Good Secret

Reviewed by Jen

Secret McQueen is back, and she’s… well, she’s hiding out at her grandma’s house and licking her wounds.  But that doesn’t mean she isn’t totally still a badass.  She just needs to regroup.  After all, she was nearly killed; her boyfriend(s?) found out she is part vampire; and she has been instructed to kill one of her only friends.  Her life has been better.  But her wallowing can last only so long before she’s dragged back to New York to face the music.

There are so many things I like about this series. The world-building is great; and once Secret gets back to the Big Apple, the pacing is right on. I like the author’s voice and the main character. But I am growing increasingly uncomfortable with the love triangle… Rectangle? Too many angles.  I am down with Desmond, I really am.  I could be ok with Holden.  Hell, even Lucas. But all at the same time is squicking me out a bit.  Granted, she doesn’t sleep with them all, but she does get physical with them all on some level, all in the same night. I DO NOT WANT THIS, SIERRA DEAN.  I am also bothered by the fact that none of the men are very bothered by this. Lucas sends Desmond to live with Secret! He is in love with her; he knows they are sleeping together… I am flummoxed!

Moving on. The non-romantic plot of the story is really quite good.  The council wants her to kill Holden, but she knows that he is innocent. First, she must get to the bottom of the accusations, then figure out who is framing him and why.  It’s a tangled ride, filled with twists and turns, and it kept me riveted up until the end.

I was very satisfied by how it all worked out and once again, Sierra Dean drops a little bomb at the end.  How could anyone NOT pick up the next book after reading this one?  I just beg… please… let’s start cutting down the romantic playing field. (*whispers*) please.

Rating: B

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A Bloody Good Secret
by Sierra Dean
Release Date: September 20, 2011
Publisher: Samhain


  1. I <3 this series. I agree about cutting down the boyfriends. I'm torn between Desmond and Holden. Never was a Lucas fan. Sure he's hot but he can be a complete douche bag.

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