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rakes midnight kissReviewed by Jen

Not every man responds to ridicule and derision in the same way. It’s so interesting to see how each of the heroes in the Sons of Sin series is shaped differently by his experiences as a bastard. In the case of Sir Richard Harmsworth, his life has been about crafting the perfect fa├žade of indifference. He is outwardly perfect: handsome, charming, fashionable. But he is not immune to the barbs of society or the constant reminders of his questionable parentage. So he goes on a quest to find a jewel that would confirm his claim as the rightful heir to his title. Unfortunately, the woman who owns it has no intention of handing in over.

Genevieve is a brilliant scholar, but the world doesn’t know it. How could they, when her father has been passing her work off as his own? The Harmsworth Jewel will be the foundation of the very first article published in her name. Of course she won’t sell it… to Richard or to anyone else. The thing is, she’s never seen Richard before, so when he shows up at her father’s home, claiming he wishes to be the man’s pupil, she has no idea of his true identity. But she knows something is amiss. Richard plans to charm the jewel away from her, but he quickly falls victim to his own scheming.

His fake wooing becomes all too real. And even though she tries to fight it, the attraction between them becomes too much for either to resist. Throw in a villainous third party who also has his sight set on Genevieve and the jewel –and the stakes grow even higher.

I was a little lukewarm about the book in the beginning, but I grew more invested as I read. I think that’s because Richard had to grow on me. At first, he’s plotting and scheming, but the real Richard is revealed to readers as he is to Genevieve. Not only that, but she changes him –or rather, his love for her changes him– in a fundamental way. I enjoyed watching him grow. Genevieve, meanwhile, undergoes her own evolution. I liked seeing how Richard breaks down her walls. She has hidden far too long behind her academia. And when these two finally give into their sexual tension (evidenced in some fantastic verbal jousting,) it’s quite gratifying.

The truth of Richard’s identity hangs like the Sword of Damocles over the relationship, so it was hard to get too invested until that played out. And I thought the resolution on that was a bit anticlimactic. But there are some really good moments in the second half. The actions of our bad guy brought some real danger. And I felt like the Epilogue was one of the better ones I have read in awhile. Hint: it’s not 5 pages devoted to informing us of a pregnancy!

I didn’t love it as much as Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed, but I liked it. And I look forward to continuing with the series.

Rating: B

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A Rake’s Midnight Kiss
by Anna Campbell
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Publisher: Forever

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