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beyond shameReviewed by Carrie

Dystopian erotica, you say? What the hell is that?  It’s the first book a series by Kit Rocha (the writing team of Bree Bridges & Donna Herren who also write under the pen name Moira Rogers).

Rocha has created a dystopian world that seems much like the Hunger Games.  There is the main city, Eden, where the wealthy and elite live.  Then there are the Sectors, land that had been destroyed by solar flares, where the rest of humanity has to scrounge and fight to survive.

Our heroine is Noelle Cunningham, a privileged daughter of an Eden councilman who longs to break out of the restrictive binds of her status.  After getting arrested for daring to have sex and drink booze, Noelle is exiled from Eden and left for dead in the slums of Sector Four where Jasper McKay, a member of the O’Kane gang, takes pity on her drugged state and brings her back to the O’Kane HQ.  Part bar part strip club, The Broken Circle is home to the O’Kane gang, their moonshine operation and from where Dallas O’Kane rules all that goes on in Sector Four.

Lex, Dallas’ on/off paramour, decides to take Noelle under her wing and show her the ropes.  Noelle quickly learns that besides demanding absolute loyalty, pretty much anything goes with the O’Kane’s, and boy do I mean anythingTheir parties are notorious orgies.  There is some m/f/f, f/f, ménage, and mild BDSM.  I generally stick to m/f, but Rocha writes so seductively that the reader is in the middle of everything before you realize what’s going on all around.   I don’t think I’ve read better sex scenes.  They are provocative and engrossing without getting bogged down in overly descriptive explicit language.  Did I mention that they are crazy hot??

Noelle & Jasper’s journey to their HEA felt true and honest.  After a lifetime of being bred to be pure, meek and modest, Noelle’s transformation doesn’t happen overnight and Jasper doesn’t push her.  Even when Noelle states that she’s ready for more, Jasper waits a half second more.   As a bruiser, Jasper is as tough as they come, yet when the light bulb goes off and he realizes that he is actually “in love”, you can’t help but smile.

Naturally, as the first in a series, we are introduced to the cast of characters comprising the O’Kane’s.  The men and women, tattooed and tenacious, are all treated as equals.  The women are fierce and own their sexuality.  The men are rough hard walking sex on-a-stick. Loyalty is what binds this group of diverse individuals.  Sex is just the outward way they show it.  I’m really looking forward to finding more about each of them.

While readers are introduced to the ways and rules of the O’Kane’s, I found that the world building was lacking.  There is an expanding suspense plot involving other Sectors and Eden that I would like explained a bit more, but I feel confident that more information will be coming in next books.

Even if you are not big into erotica, I urge you to try this one out.  It’s definitely not what you expect – and that’s a good thing.

Rating: A-

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Beyond Shame
by Kit Rocha (Moira Rogers)
Release Date: September 16, 2012


  1. Great review! I was just recommended this over the past weekend at AADSAV. I picked it up already and can’t wait to start it. 🙂


  2. Shelly Browne says:

    You had me a sex-on-a-stick!

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