Review: Bound by Love’s Gravity

bound by love's gravityReviewed by Shelly

The first in Ashlinn’s new series about the residents of Kinky, Kansas, this tells the story of Sarah Matthews, Deke Andrews and Adam Stanton. I’ve read Ashlinn’s It Takes Three to Fly, the 3rd in her Sweet Serenity series (which is about the neighboring town of Serenity) and to be honest, I didn’t like that one as much as I liked this one. At first glance, I thought these stories would be too tightly connected to be read independently because of the recurring characters but they can definitely be read as independents.

I’m not even sure what brought me to this story, but when I read the blurb for Sarah and her Doms’ story, I was immediately captivated and just kept on reading. It was good enough that I read it in one sitting – that doesn’t happen often with me. I can’t place which Sweet Serenity story Sarah, Deke or Adam were introduced, but that doesn’t matter because Ashlinn does a commendable job of developing these characters without being dependent on the other stories.

Sarah’s been in love with Deke Andrews since even before she knew what love was and unfortunately for her, she’s tried to replicate that love with the wrong person. But that bad time frame is done but not quite dusted and it’s time to move on. Deke can’t admit to the overwhelming feelings that he has for Sarah, which is too bad for him because Sarah’s has finally realized what she wants and Deke better not stand in her way. Pleasantly stuck in the middle of these two is Deke’s partner of 17 years, Adam Stanton. Sarah’s attraction and love includes Adam and unlike Deke, Adams knows exactly what he wants – Sarah and Deke. Can this trio find the happiness that their friends enjoy?

Because she’s quiet and introverted Sarah might not seem like a strong character, but through her actions she’s much stronger that both Deke and Adam. After being the victim of one sicko of an ex-boyfriend, Sarah realizes that she can’t wait for guys to make a move towards making them a trio – goodness knows that they’ve been given both time and opportunity. Between Sarah and her friends, the lovely ladies of Sweet Serenity, it’s time to move things along.

One of my favorite things about this story was Sarah and the personal responsibility she accepted for the choices she made. There’s no blaming others or whining about it – she (wo)manned up and kept on moving. Her acceptance and respect for Deke and Adam’s long-term relationship was believable, and I liked that she just wanted to be an equal member of the trio.

Unlike her friends or many of the other characters in the story Sarah doesn’t curse and Ashlinn’s choice for Sarah completely works and follows her personality. Adam is a very likable guy. His appreciation for Sarah was good to see and very touching. Out of all three characters, I think that Adam had the most to grow. His relationship with Deke was steady yet complacent until Sarah; the internal and external issues that he had to overcome and the way he did it – WOW! But that Zeke, what a tortured soul that he was burdened with. His issues could fill a book and he carried that book over in his relationships with everyone, and I mean everyone. These guys loved Sarah and she loved them, but love is never easy and that’s what this story is about – fighting your way through the nonsense to your own version of happiness.

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series and hopefully it’s Ansley, I think she’s going to have me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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Bound by Love’s Gravity
by Mia Ashlinn
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: Siren

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