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just in timeReviewed by Janell

I learned two things about myself while reading this book: I don’t like small town stories getting in the way of my romance, and I don’t like reunited lovers who reminisce about all the hot sex they had in high school.

This is the third book in a series about Indigo, Alaska, a small town with hot men and a hockey rink. I haven’t read the previous two books, so I kind of skimmed all the catching-up-with-other-couples scenes that dominated the beginning. Avery is a local who works at the hotel, and Roman is her high school sweetheart who left after high school to play professional hockey in New York. He hasn’t spent a lot of time back home since then, but now he’s in town for the wedding of one of his friends.

Avery and Roman were hot and heavy in high school. But he left, she was heartbroken, and now she doesn’t want to hook up with him again even though every random person in town gives her a wink or a nudge when his name comes up. That’s pretty much all the locals can talk about: how Avery and Roman should really get back together. And that’s a pet peeve of mine: having multiple third-party characters tell the main characters that they should get together, rather than the main characters spending time together and working it out themselves.

Also, when people tell Avery to get back with Roman, they couch it in terms of, “You’re a young, vibrant woman, you shouldn’t let life pass you by.” Implying that if she doesn’t get some action from Roman, then her life will be one sad missed opportunity. It doesn’t mesh with the last third of the book when she realizes that her career is actually important to her, and she doesn’t need to wait around for a guy. I’m glad that she realizes that her life will have meaning even without a man, but I’m sad that none of her friends felt that way.

Roman helps coach the high school hockey team while he’s in town, and Avery thinks he’s a pretty nice guy, so eventually they do hook up. Now I’ve read YA books where the high school characters have sex, and I’m okay with it as part of the story. But when characters in their 30s say things like, “He remembered how she liked to be stroked,” or “She teased and tormented him like she used to,” in reference to when they were in high school, it squicks me out. It must be my own worldview that high school sex shouldn’t be so exquisite, perfect, and memorable that it remains as the gold standard for the characters until they get back together.

Anyway, they get together, and then Roman does the thing where he decides what’s best for Avery without discussing it with her, so she gets mad, and he gets stubborn. No matter how many interfering folks tell Roman that he’s making a stupid decision, he sticks with it. Until a 17-yr-old boy gives him wise advice about girls, especially high school girlfriends, and then Roman thinks, “Huh, maybe I should give this a shot.”

Bottom line: it just wasn’t for me. Maybe it’s for you? It has a grandma having sex, and you don’t see that every day!

Grade: C+

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Just in Time
by Addison Fox
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Signet

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