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logan jennaReviewed by Jen

Logan & Jenna is book six in RE Butler’s The Wolf’s Mate series, but as a new reader, I promise it works fine as a standalone.  The story follows werewolf Logan as he finds and falls for his truemate, a fairy named Jenna.

Our couple comes together under difficult circumstances.  Jenna was kidnapped and nearly killed. She used a last ditch spell to call her mate to her aid.  And it worked. Logan saved her life and bonded himself to her to help make her stronger.  He brings her home and spends the rest of the book alternating between having sex with her, er, falling in love with her and protecting her from the bad guys who kidnapped her in the first place.  That’s pretty much it.

The romance wasn’t bad, but it was far too easy.  There is absolutely no internal conflict between Jenna and Logan. Zero. They are goo-goo eyes off the bat and in love inside of three days.  It’s hard to feel much one way or the other about a relationship that comes together so easily.  Plus, the roles are a little too stereotypical at times… Logan is so protective that Jenna isn’t allowed to walk into the backyard without him.  She needs babysitters constantly.  And there’s no angst over it or anything.  It just is.  Yes, I know there are bad guys floating around, but geez. He carries her everywhere for crying out loud.  By the way, they have a ton of sex.  That was ok for awhile, but it got to be overkill by about the halfway point.

It wasn’t a bad book. It had a good premise, and it held my interest in the first half.  But it didn’t really have any surprises and it really kind of felt over before the last two chapters.

Rating: C

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Logan & Jenna
by RE Butler
Release Date: May 10, 2013

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