Review: Love’s Prophecy

Reviewed by Jen

In all of her days of reading vampire romance novels, Breeana never dreamed she would come face-to-face with a sexy vamp of her own. But that is exactly what happens when she crosses paths with Mel.  One of the elite warriors of his kind, Mel’s life mission is hunting and killing demons.  It’s after a night of slaying he first lays eyes on Breeana, who is singing at a bar. He recognizes her instantly as the woman featured in his dreams for the past 50 years.  He can’t help but approach her after her set.

Sparks fly immediately when these two get together. Unfortunately, their first kiss is interrupted by a vengeful demon who wants to get back at Mel for killing her lover. What better way to get revenge than to threaten the woman he is so clearly crazy about?  Unable to kill the demon before she escapes, Mel must bring Breeana back to his home –to keep her safe until the demon threat can be neutralized.

I think Brenda Dyer does a pretty good job with the world-building here.  There is a bit of info-dumping here and there, but I was always able to understand what was going on.  At the center of the series is a prophecy clearly tied to a romance between the vamps and the special women destined to become their mates.  It takes most of the book to ferret out the particulars, but the basic gist is a no-brainer… at least to the reader. It takes Mel some time to figure it all out.

My biggest beef with the story is that our couple falls in love inside of 48 hours.  Prophetic dreams or no –paranormal romance or no– this is always such a romance landmine for me. It throws the emotional credibility instantly out of the window, leaving me just to roll my eyes and appreciate the good sex.  Because the sex is good.  I’ll give it that.

The characters are well drawn, but very angsty. Maybe a little too much. Mel can be a bit of a martyr and Breeana is practically willing to throw herself at Mel’s feet to hang on to him.  I’m sure there will be some folks who see both reactions as romantic, for me, it was just a little too much.  Yes, these two have real obstacles; and Mel’s past traumas are nothing to sneeze at. But most of there roadblocks are of their own making and that can be frustrating to read at times.

Despite my complaints, I didn’t find it a bad book. A little drama-llama and predictable, but with a fairly good premise, a sexy hero, and satisfying bedroom action.

Rating: C+/B-

*ARC provided for judging in RONE awards

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Love’s Prophecy
by Brenda Dryer
Release Date: January 21, 2012

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