Review: Raven’s Awakening by Ella Phoenix

Ravens Awakening_FINAL_1563x2500Reviewed by Shelly

This is not my first story from Phoenix and I can’t say that this one is my favorite or even one that I liked it as much as her Dragon Series. This story had promise and I’m not sure where I lost interest but I lost it early and frequently.

Chloe works for the government at the Smithsonian Institute in the Archive Department. With a PhD in Native American History, Chloe is in the basement cataloging relics. I had a problem with Chloe’s expectations throughout this story, but I’ll get into that in a little bit. While cataloging some rocks, Chloe runs across a stone that she’s seen in one of her many childhood dreams/nightmares. After stealing the relic and using it as her guide, Chloe sets off to find the correlation to her dreams. Mason Green is a procurer of Native American relics for anyone who’s willing to pay for his services. Though he’s a self made man with a lot of secrets, Mason has a few close knit associates that support his business. Will meeting Chloe and her newly found stone provide the redemption that he’s searched for?

I couldn’t stand Chloe. I had a problem with her from her introduction all the way until the story ended. One of her goals after getting her PhD was a job at the Smithsonian, but the position she was offered was somehow beneath her. Of course… why would you have to work your way up to anything? (*off my pedestal*) There were a few of these little tidbits into her psyche and I found myself caring less and less. There’s a scene where the bad guys have found Chloe and Mason again and Mason is terribly injured and unconscious. Chloe who has the means to kill the bad guys doesn’t want to do it because it’s going to haunt her. Seriously! It’s okay for someone else to kill on her behalf but it’s not okay for her to do it. I was so ready to say – well die, then!  My impression of Chloe was very much the spoiled little girl syndrome.

Mason Green was no more interesting than Chloe, but wasn’t as unlikable. I could stand him a little bit more. He might have been interesting but there just wasn’t a lot for me to work with. This story overall just didn’t get or hold my attention for any length of time. There were two secondary characters, Foster and Pamela, that I found interesting, but there wasn’t much focus on them. Plus, by then I didn’t care.

In the end I thought there was a lot, too much really, of reference to skin color (alabaster and chocolate – not sure when American Indians became chocolate.) The story line didn’t flow, and worse yes, the two main characters didn’t have chemistry.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: D

*Book provided by author for review.

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Raven’s Awkening
by Ella J Phoenix
Release Date: February 16, 2013

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