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unexpectedReviewed by Carrie

Kelsey Noble has always felt like the odd girl out in her family.  Raised with traditional conservative parents in a small town, Kelsey bucked tradition by going away to college, starting a career as a national columnist and living out of wedlock in the big city with her fiancée.  Kelsey is content until she finds her fiancée in bed with another woman and all her plans of a family and a life are blown to bits.  After the last of her younger sisters is married off, Kelsey returns home determined to go after what she wants – a baby – alone.

As Kelsey is being kicked down by morning sickness, life decides to land another blow in the form of a visit from a handsome cowboy with a note in his hand informing her that due to a little mix up at the fertility clinic, he *is* the daddy.  Cole Mitchell had just planned on dumping his “little guys” after his horrible marriage ended when he was informed that he was to be a proud papa.  Never one to shirk responsibility, Cole invites Kelsey out to his ranch so they can get to know each other better and try to figure out how make sense of the mess they landed in.  As they take the time to build a friendship, an attraction that they never accounted for, nor desired, builds.

Cole and Kelsey have both been out of the dating game for many years and are very guarded about their feelings and attitudes about love and relationships.   In fact, the first half of the book is about each of them talking about how horrible love is and what rotten things happened to them and, honestly, it was kind of boring.  They were so up in their own heads that nothing really happened in the first half aside from the major shock of the clinic mix up.  I found myself scanning pages.

The book is well written and I very much enjoy the author’s voice.  There were a few times when Cole and Kelsey would start to banter back and forth that I got my hopes up, but it was short lived.  Things only started to get interesting when they divulged their secret to Kelsey’s family but, by then, the book was nearly over.  The secondary characters felt just as flat – I didn’t really get Alexa and Tyler’s storyline but perhaps that will be in another book?

Though I didn’t connect with these characters, I still will read on in this series because I do think the author writes well.

Grade: C

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by Maisey Yates
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Publisher: Berkley

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