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waiting for tyReviewed by Jen

I had mixed feelings about this friends to lovers story.  It’s sexy and the emotions are well drawn.  But I struggled at times with the believability (especially in the set-up) and a bit of cliche.

My first issue sprang up out of the gate.  Ty and Landon are best friends who are secretly in love with each other. I could buy that, but they are both also, conveniently, secretly bisexual.  They are best friends and thick as thieves, but neither tells the other about an attraction to men.  And neither has ever acted on their impulses. Until now.  When the sexual tension finally reaches a boiling point, they go for broke and it all just falls into place.

Ty has never been with a man, but he goes from zero to eager bottom in five seconds.  I get that he’s hot for Landon, but at least Landon has “done his research.”  Ty’s never even experimented, but this all just works out smoothly with no conversation or concern.  There’s some physical prep, at least, and the scene is hot, but my inability to believe in how easy it was kept pulling me out of the moment.

The morning after, the guys have to deal with the fallout and that rang true much more. By the cold light of day, Ty remembers all the reasons he didn’t want his friendship with Landon to turn sexual. A relationship with another man could destroy his reputation and could cost him the love of his conservative southern family.  I could really feel his conflict. The author did a good job fleshing out his struggle between his love for Landon and his fear of losing everything else in his life.

Meanwhile, Landon has his own issues. He would give anything to have Ty in his life, but he doesn’t have as much to lose.  He does, however, have to deal with the fact that Ty has all the power in the relationship.  Only Ty can make or break them.  And the story follows Ty’s journey as he tries to decide what is right for him.

I liked the main characters and their romance once I got past my initial misgivings.  I didn’t really like the trope of the bigoted southern Christian family turning its collective back on Ty.  I know there is still real prejudice in this world, but I almost felt like Ty’s whole life (family, job, etc.) was a bit cliche.  For the most part, though, I did enjoy the story.

Rating: B-

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Waiting for Ty
by Samantha Ann King
Release Date: July 29, 2013
Publisher: Carina Press


  1. I’ve seen some similar reviews that agree with how you felt reading this. Not sure if I’ll give this a go or not…

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