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Review: The Christmas He Loved Her

christmas he lovedReviewed by Carrie

Earlier this year, I reviewed the first book in Juliana Stone’s Bad Boys of Crystal Lake series and I really enjoyed it for a solid small town romance with a rock star.  Stone returns with her second novel in a flurry of angst and emotions.  If you were expecting a light hearted holiday book, turn around now.

Raine Edwards has been a walking ghost ever since her husband Jesse was killed during deployment in Afghanistan 18 months ago.  As if that wasn’t hard enough, the one other person she could always lean on, Jake, Jesse’s twin brother, bails on her without so much as a see-ya-later.  [Read more…]

Review: Drawn Together

drawn togetherReviewed by Jaimie

Drawn Together is the final book in Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings series and she saved the best for last!  While I’m really sad to see the series end, Dane did the series justice and ended it in a way that will satisfy her loyal fans.  Throughout all of the books we have seen and heard a lot about Raven, the mysterious, bitchy best friend of Erin and Brody.  While she could be downright vicious to outsiders, Raven was always fiercely loyal to the two Brown siblings.  I just “knew” there was an incredible story waiting to be told about her and Dane did not disappoint. [Read more…]

Review: Released

releasedReviewed by Jen

If you really love libraries –or if you really love dogs—you may enjoy this book more than I did. Or maybe not. I am not a dog person and I am not intimately part of the library world, but those were not my only issues with the story. Far more off putting were constant dog puns, the simplistic and too-easy acceptance of the supernatural among regular people, the cookie-cutter villains, and the nagging feeling like I was reading an episode of Scooby Doo. All that was missing was for someone to blame their troubles on “those meddling kids.” [Read more…]

Review: Back in Bliss

back in blissReviewed by Shelly

It was nice to come back to Bliss to get the long awaited Logan, Seth and Georgia’s story.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with this story as a I have been with other installments in the series. For the length, 110K+ words, this does give a beginning, middle, and end, but I just didn’t feel the connection and passion that have been conveyed in other stories by Oak. If you’ve not read any of the stories in this series, this might be a good time to pick those up; I wouldn’t recommend that you read this as a stand alone – there’s a lot of overlapping characters and continuing story lines. If you have read any of the Oak’s Siren series, there are overlapping characters from that series also. [Read more…]

Review: Lord of Snow and Ice

LORD OF SNOW Reviewed by Jen

I wanted to love this book. Beauty and the Beast retellings are among my absolute favorite stories and that’s the way this book is pitched. Not only that, but we have a hero who doesn’t think he is good enough for his heroine AND he is a virgin! Made of win, yes?  Well, not really.

Prince Stellan lives in exile.  He is feared and reviled by the Aldebaran for the magic his kind can do. Yet he is in exile from his own people for refusing to subscribe to their evil intentions.  No one wants him. Until he meet Princess Clarysa.  She witnesses his heroism as he battles the monstrous creations his people have set upon hers.  She is captivated by his power, his bravery, and his strength.  And he is enraptured by her beauty and her light.  Unfortunately, Clarysa’s family is dead set against allowing Stellan into her life.  Even worse, they refuse to heed his warnings about what his people have in store for them.  And that sets up the star-crossed love story between our couple. [Read more…]

Review: Unchained

unchainedReviewed by Carrie

I’ve shied away from fallen angel books in general because I honestly find the whole mythology confusing.  However, I have enjoyed Jennifer Armentrout/ J. Lynn’s writing and when I was offered a review book, I thought I’d give it a go.

Lily Marks is a Nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human.  Her life is devoted to working for the Sanctuary, a clandestine group of Nephilim tasked with hunting and eradicating minions (turned Nephilim) and deadheads (possessed souls) while trying to avoid death by the Fallen (angels).  She’s always been the wild card at the Sanctuary, but her hijinks are quickly forgiven. [Read more…]

Review: Forgotten Sins

forgottenReviewed by Jaimie

There is nothing I love more than finding a new author and/or series that I can become obsessed with and Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti fit that perfectly.  The book is the first in the Sin Brothers Series and once I started this book I could not put it down!  I’m anxiously counting down to book two which is set to release in December.  The series is about a group of brothers who have been genetically engineered and have enhanced powers such as super hearing and the ability to numb their emotions.  The boys were raised in a military style camp and raised to be ruthless soldiers.

Forgotten Sins revolves around Shane and Josie Dean, a couple who had a whirlwind romance and married shortly after they met.  A couple months later Shane disappeared and Josie hadn’t heard from him for two years, when she is called into a hospital by the police.  Her husband has resurfaced and has been the victim of an attack which has left him with amnesia and raised a lot of questions. [Read more…]

Review: Close to the Wind

close to the windReviewed by Janell

I loved so many things about this book! It begins in England in 1868, when 19-yr-old Georgiana overhears her fiancé and his business partner discussing some shady business. Because of what she hears, Georgiana decides that she must get to New Zealand immediately and check up on her brother, who went down there in search of gold.

Then comes one of my favorite tropes: girl masquerading as boy! On a ship, no less! Harry is the dashing captain of a swarthy crew, wanted by the law, off to New Zealand on the slim chance that it will help his fortune. Georgie talks her way onto the ship at the last minute posing as a young lad. She was raised in the circus, oddly enough, and wins over her crewmates with high climbs, somersaults, and impersonations. [Read more…]

Review: By Proxy

by proxyReviewed by Janell

In Montana, people who can’t physically be present for their wedding can appoint proxies to take vows for them. In this book, the lovebirds are in the military, stationed apart from each other, and they want to get married ASAP because the woman is pregnant and they want to be somewhat traditional. Enter the bride’s best friend, Jenny, and the groom’s cousin, Sam, to take care of things.

Jenny is a small town science teacher who goes to church and doesn’t drink. She’s close to her three brothers, she has a new puppy, and she is beloved by the town. Sam is from Chicago, and he’s a rich investment banker who schmoozes clients at fancy parties and dates sexy, shallow women. Their first impressions of each other are just that superficial. [Read more…]

Review: Getting Rowdy

getting rowdyReviewed by Carrie

Rowdy Yates has been chasing after Avery Mullins ever since he opened up his bar and named her head bartender.  Avery is determined that she is not going to be another notch on her playboy boss’s bedpost but his charismatic ways and a year long dry spell are wreaking havoc on her will.  Just as she’s about to give in, the past comes to haunt her.

Rowdy is a man who is used to getting whatever lady he wants.  He uses sex as a way to keep emotionally closed off from his rough past but Avery needs more than just one night with him.  When trouble starts brewing in Avery’s life, Rowdy’s need to protect her signals that she is more than the other floozies that move through his revolving door. [Read more…]