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back in blissReviewed by Shelly

It was nice to come back to Bliss to get the long awaited Logan, Seth and Georgia’s story.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with this story as a I have been with other installments in the series. For the length, 110K+ words, this does give a beginning, middle, and end, but I just didn’t feel the connection and passion that have been conveyed in other stories by Oak. If you’ve not read any of the stories in this series, this might be a good time to pick those up; I wouldn’t recommend that you read this as a stand alone – there’s a lot of overlapping characters and continuing story lines. If you have read any of the Oak’s Siren series, there are overlapping characters from that series also.

Logan Green is back home after retreating to Dallas after being tortured by some bad guys in his hometown of Bliss. Part of his rehab, while in Dallas was learning how to control himself and his destructive thoughts that including training as a Dom. A lot happened to him while in Dallas, he also met sweet young thing – Georgia. Georgia is a handful and might be too much for Logan to handle; she’s also the youngest sibling and only girl in the Dawson family and has some issues with overgrown alphas telling her what to do. On the surface, she’s spoiled, bratty, and just as cantankerous as you might expect a Dawson to be. She’s been in New York working as Seth’s assistant for the last few months and now she’s accompanying Seth back to Bliss. Seth’s back in Bliss to start the family that he’s dreamed of since he was a youth and there’s nothing that will stop his happy ever after.

Logan’s turbulent story finally gets told. We find out about his torture and that gets the major part of this story. The way that he was described as a Dom, wasn’t a lot of show – more telling which I’m not a fan of. I don’t really even know if Logan was all that much a Dom or just growing up, but I still liked him well enough. I found myself not as excited about him as I was many of the other hero characters in the series. And let me not get started on the craptastic way he treated Seth. I guess that’s a forgivable way to treat your best friend, but I just didn’t buy it because I didn’t think he groveled enough.

Georgia’s attraction to Logan was more vivid in the stories leading up to this story. The tease was more fun than when they finally got together. I thought their interactions seemed a bit, I don’t know… forced. For me, Georgia’s attraction to and interactions with Seth flowed much easier than with Logan. She still has that brattiness about her but the guys seems to think that was her ‘fire’ and found that charming – and yes, it did provide reasons for Logan to practice his Dom side.

I really liked Seth. He seemed to be the only one who had any sense of real friendship and what he wanted in life. He knew what he wanted and wasn’t ashamed or afraid to go after it and for that alone I felt for Seth most of all. I think he got the short straw in a best friend. The sparkling chemistry between these three was missing a lot of what I continue to expect from Oak and for that – I was disappointed. It’s not a bad read and I would recommend if you’re a fan and want to keep up with the series. The next in the line should be Kitten’s story and that’s one I’m definitely looking forward to and can’t wait for its release.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B-/C+

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Back in Bliss
by Sophie Oak
Release Date: April 19, 2013
Publisher: Siren

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