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Review: The Counterfeit Mistress

counterfeit mistressReviewed by Janell

In the years following the French Revolution, French nobility escaped to London. Gavin Norwood, the Viscount Kendale, was in the English army fighting against the Revolution. His company got ambushed when they were betrayed by a woman, and now he dreams of revenge while mistrusting women everywhere. He spends his leisure time building a private army and following a French woman around town.

Marielle Lyon may or may not be a spy, but she certainly acts shifty, skulking around town and delivering papers to men in back alleyways. She also may or may not be impersonating the niece of a French aristocrat. The point is, no one really knows who she is or what she’s doing, and that makes her suspicious, so Kendale keeps spying on her. [Read more…]

Review: Bound by Night

bound byReviewed by Jen

Larissa Ione crafts another rich and unique world in her latest PNR series.  In some ways this is like her Demonica books: it’s dark and layered, witty and sexy. But the worldbuilding is very different.  Yes, there are vampires, but in this society they are slaves.  Humans are the bad guys here. They view vamps as wild animals. They abuse them… treat them like lab rats, servants or property.   And as the book begins, the vampires have had enough.

Nicole was just a child when the vampires rebelled. Her family was slaughtered and she was nearly killed herself.  [Read more…]

Review: Never Desire a Duke

never desire a dukeReviewed by Carrie

Novels that utilize the failing marriage trope are another favorite of mine.  I like it because it’s often a good vehicle for conflict and angst and the reunion somehow always seems to me because of the pain they have to fight through to get back to each other. 

It’s been over a year since Sophia, the Duchess of Claxton, has seen her husband Vane, the Duke, despite hearing of his exploits on the continent through the grapevine.  Just as she is reconciling herself to request a legal separation, Vane returns, surprising her at a family holiday ball.  [Read more…]

Review: A Valentine Challenge

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00066]Reviewed by Shelly

Set in Nigeria, this is the first story in the Challenge series about three friends. This first novella tells of Michael Ede, former soldier and millionaire who’s dared by this two best friends to seduce socialite Kasie Bosa. I wanted to like this story – a lot; unfortunately, I ended up feeling as if this was one of those stories that’s a quick read; in addition to that, I never felt connected to any of the characters.

Trying to forget his ex who hurt him, when Michael sees Kasie she reminds him so much of that same ex he decides to take up his friends on their challenge. I didn’t buy into the whole idea of what the challenge was about. Furthermore, Michael came off as shallow, mean and childish specifically because of the challenge. [Read more…]

Review: Liam

liamReviewed by Shelly

I’m not sure I could be any happier after reading Liam’s story. If you’ve read Niles first story in the series about Aidan, then you’ll be familiar with Liam and his struggles. Don’t worry, though, because the way Niles wrote this, you don’t have to read the first book to get the maximum enjoyment; however, I would definitely recommend that you give Aidan’s story a go because, yes, it’s that good.

Liam and Ava’s story picks up after the first book and starts off with a bang and kept me on my toes all the way through. I read this one in about two days. Liam has been in a place where no relatively sane person should be, it’s a place where I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. He’s miserable and has no way to control the emotions that keep coming at him. I felt for him because even though he’s already been deserted by his mate he has no idea the worst is yet to come on the night he feels Ava die. This is a very fast paced read. The action is darn near non-stop. The highs and lows kept me riveted and completely in the moment.

Liam is the most stubborn, wonderful, protective alpha male and an excellent match for Ava. She’s protective of those she loves, including her family, so my respect for her went up by several notches. The love Liam felt for her was palpable and gave me the teary eyes on occasion. I was surprised that I equally liked both the H/h and I must give credit to Niles for writing two characters who have depth. The secondary characters included friends and family who interact in their daily lives and actually care for Liam and Ava and vice versa. The dysfunction is low – thanks for that, Niles.

For those who read the first book, we finally get to find out about Ava and why she did the things she did. I felt for her because really, how do you chose in that situation other than the way she did? I would have enjoyed knowing more about her background but I’m happy with what I did find out. Her heartbreaking discoveries about and reactions to Liam and what she inadvertently did to him were some of the best scenes. I think those more than anything else brought out her true feelings. Sniff, sniff.

Overall, the plot, pacing and character development for Liam and Ava’s story was spot on and I eagerly await the next in the series. Please, please, please, let it be Brit and Val – the sparks between those two could easily set that town on fire.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by Entangled Publishing

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by Abby Niles
Release Date: August 26, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

Review: Dawn of a Dark Knight

Reviewed by Jen

This book is complicated.  Interesting and creative… with good sexual tension… but ultimately difficult to connect to because it was so foreign.

The basic premise is that Ashor is one of a handful of magi, tasked by the Gods to fight the evil daemons that threaten humanity.  He is immortal –or almost.  He can die by the hands of a daemon or one of his own brethren, but he is always reborn into the role he swore to uphold centuries ago. In each reincarnation, he forgets his former lives and it takes years before he learns to use his gifts again.  He isn’t supposed to kill humans, not even the Hashishins who summon the daemons into this world.  The more he kills, the more he lets out the violence in his soul, the more he begins to turn dark… until there is nothing of himself left. [Read more…]

Review: A Bargain Struck

bargain struckReviewed by Shelly

I cried, I laughed, I couldn’t put this down. Set in 1880’s Wyoming, this premise of this story is one that I think is much more common than we’d like to admit – marriages created on the basis of need versus love. Connor Maquire is a recent widow with an 8 year old daughter that he desperately needs help raising. Answering Connor’s advertisement for a wife, Ellen O’Sullivan travels from Omaha to her new home. Once she meets Connor, he discovers the last thing about her that Ellen didn’t divulge in her letters to him. When I started reading I was immediately drawn in and remained so all the way through. [Read more…]

Review: Vampire Thirst

vampire thirstReviewed by Shelly

Picking up immediately after Dragon Heat, the first book in the series this is an exciting, travelled and fast paced adventure. Zoricah, Tardieh, Sam, and most of the characters from the first book return to continue the search for the mastermind behind the experiments on both the draconians and vampires.

Phoenix made an interesting choice telling this tale. Instead of weaving together all the story lines – Phoenix told Sam and Hikuro’s story in its own section, Zoricah and Tardieh’s continuation in it’s own then she brings everyone back together in the last section. That worked for me, I found that I didn’t have any trouble following any part of the story considering each couple’s story take place in different parts of the world. [Read more…]

Review: Louder Than Love

louder than loveReviewed by Carrie

Perhaps I was confused by the cover of this book and the blurb, but I thought I was going to be reading a New Adult novel full of the usual angst and youthful shenanigans.  What I got was an emotional story with middle aged characters that oftentimes read like a VH1 Behind the Music episode.

After an unfortunate train accident takes the life of her husband, librarian returns to her childhood home with her precocious daughter to try to rebuild her life.  For the last three years Katrina has been muddling through her days still grieving her husband and former life.  [Read more…]

Review: Styxx

styxxReviewed by Jen

Some people really loved this book. They gave it 5 star reviews. Some even called it the best thing Sherrilyn Kenyon has ever written.  I am not one of those people.  In fact, I was barely able to make myself finish Styxx.  Not because it was 800-and something pages… but because it was one of the most miserable books I have ever read.  It is filled from cover to cover with rape, incest, abuse, torture, and unrelenting suffering for our hero.  Before you tell me that Kenyon is Queen of the Tortured Hero, don’t waste your breath.  There is no balance in this story between darkness and light.  It’s 95% horrible and 5% …well, not horrible for Styxx.  And in case you’re wondering, “It can’t be worse than Acheron, can it?” Well, yes it can. And yes, it is. [Read more…]