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drawn togetherReviewed by Jaimie

Drawn Together is the final book in Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings series and she saved the best for last!  While I’m really sad to see the series end, Dane did the series justice and ended it in a way that will satisfy her loyal fans.  Throughout all of the books we have seen and heard a lot about Raven, the mysterious, bitchy best friend of Erin and Brody.  While she could be downright vicious to outsiders, Raven was always fiercely loyal to the two Brown siblings.  I just “knew” there was an incredible story waiting to be told about her and Dane did not disappoint.

As a side note if you haven’t read Sway, which is the first book in the Delicious series, there may be a few characters that you do not recognize.  While it is not completely necessary to read that one first I definitely suggest it.

Raven is a no-nonsense kind of girl who most people in town are intimidated by.  She says what she thinks and does not apologize for it, which has earned her quite the reputation and made me love her.  Her softer side shows when you see her with Erin’s son or Brody’s kids and I really love that she has those two in her life.  They were some of the most touching moments in the book.  At a celebration for her friend, Raven runs into Jonah Warner, a high powered lawyer that knows what he wants.  After raising his daughter alone for the last several years, he is ready to enter the dating world again.  He hires Raven to do a full back tattoo for him and the two have some smoking hot sex.

While the sexual relationship happened quickly I really liked that the two didn’t immediately fall in love.  They knew they had a connection and that it was something deeper than just sex but it wasn’t like they had sex once and then began planning their wedding.  Raven has a lot of issues from her childhood and it just would not have made sense for her character.  The way Jonah was written made you really root for him.  He was very supportive of Raven and had her back, but he also called her on her bullshit which very few people in her life do.  He brushed off her constant denials about their relationship and her attempts to scare him away, and he kept coming back to show her she could trust him.

I also really liked that Dane didn’t have Raven meet Jonah and all of a sudden her issues disappeared and she could trust again.  It was beautiful watching her overcome her fear of spending the night with someone and had it been rushed it would have taken away from that.  Instinctively she knew she could trust him, but it didn’t happen over night or come easily.

While there were some parts of the big reveal that you could guess, Dane went in a completely different direction with the twist than I was thinking.  Its always fun when an author takes you by surprise in a story that you are really in to, and this one in particular was very emotional.  I read the entire book in one sitting and Drawn Together has taken the spot of my favorite book in this series.

Overall, a very emotional and satisfying conclusion to a series that I loved.  I hope we hear more from the Brown family once the little ones are all grown up!

Rating: A+

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Drawn Together
by Lauren Dane
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Berkley

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