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fearlessReviewed by Janell

This is a novella that wants to be an updated, spicy Cinderella story, but given that it’s only 119 pages, it doesn’t have enough room for depth.

Gia and her girlfriends like to drink martinis, dish about sex, and make rules (a Girlz Guide) for being awesome. All of her friends have amazing sex stories, and Gia feels boring and ordinary in comparison. So she tells them that she’d love one weekend of passion with her coworker Luke, but she can’t because a) her work doesn’t allow fraternization, and, b) Luke is a god among men and she is ordinary Gia.

Since Luke will be traveling to Vegas for work, Gia’s friends prep and persuade her to seduce him in disguise. With fake red hair, a sexy, sparkly dress, and red peep-toe heels, Gia struts up to Luke and tells him she’d like him to be her sex slave. He agrees.

Their encounter is mostly summarized because the length of the book doesn’t allow details of their every move, or every conversation. They both leave kind of fascinated with each other, because sometimes enough sex, and apparently some amazing conversation, can lead to love.

In the real world, Gia tries to stay away from Luke, but he seems to appreciate her tech skills and her wicked sense of humor. Once Luke figures out the truth, thanks to a certain pair of red shoes hidden by her desk, Gia ask him for a commitment. And they live happily ever after! Probably!

I actually buy their relationship, because it’s a cute setup that plays into fantasy. I just would have liked more specifics, sexual or otherwise. This novella is kicking off a series of Girlz Guide books. If they’re longer and spicier, they would definitely be worth checking out.

Rating: C+

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by Tawny Weber
Release Date: September 15, 2013
Publisher: Cosmo Red Hot Reads (Harlequin)

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