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forgottenReviewed by Jaimie

There is nothing I love more than finding a new author and/or series that I can become obsessed with and Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti fit that perfectly.  The book is the first in the Sin Brothers Series and once I started this book I could not put it down!  I’m anxiously counting down to book two which is set to release in December.  The series is about a group of brothers who have been genetically engineered and have enhanced powers such as super hearing and the ability to numb their emotions.  The boys were raised in a military style camp and raised to be ruthless soldiers.

Forgotten Sins revolves around Shane and Josie Dean, a couple who had a whirlwind romance and married shortly after they met.  A couple months later Shane disappeared and Josie hadn’t heard from him for two years, when she is called into a hospital by the police.  Her husband has resurfaced and has been the victim of an attack which has left him with amnesia and raised a lot of questions.  Since the man doesn’t seem to know who he is, Josie takes pity on him and takes him home with the goal of having him sign the divorce papers and get out of her life.  Once he’s better of course.

I fell in love with Shane and his brothers right off the bat.  Zanetti starts the book off with a scene that instantly has you feeling for the boys, and that only gets stronger as the story goes on.  Shane really does have amnesia and he is just as frustrated by it as Josie is.  The chemistry between the two is sizzling, and there are plenty of scenes that highlight that.  While the book does have those sexually charged moments, the focus is on discovering who is after Josie and more importantly, who Shane really is.

The story moves fast and the developments are equally speedy.  Shane’s memory comes back in small spurts and we get glimpses of the history between him and his brothers.  When Matt and Nathan get involved in helping figure out who is targeting Josie, the loyalty between the siblings helps bring back more of Shane’s memory, and the dynamic between all of them draws the reader in.

Josie was raised in foster care and does not trust easily so she was devastated when Shane disappeared two years before.  Used to being alone, watching her bond with Matt and Nathan and then become as protective of them as she was about Shane was really sweet.  I really liked that Zanetti didn’t just have Josie and Shane fall in love and his brothers fade into the background until their stories happened.  My favorite kinds of series are where all of the characters are really involved with each other.

Josie is an accountant and it turns out that the people after her are actually not the people that are after Shane and his brothers.  The stories do weave together nicely and they are resolved in a way that perfectly sets up the next story.

If you like books that are really well written, have great characters and an interesting story, you will love Forgotten Sins!  I cannot wait for the next instalment.

Rating: A

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Forgotten Sins
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

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