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hers to commandReviewed by Shelly

Here we go with another new to me author; previously, I’ve mentioned that these are writers I would not have been exposed to prior to doing reviews for this blog. With an imagination like hers, Patricia Knight not only captured, but kept my attention with this first story in the Verdentia series.

The world building alone sold me. It was good – really good. One of the things that I thought was brilliant is that Earth is never mentioned and you might think that’s a bad thing, but it worked well for this story. Even more important, I could easily picture Verdentia. I think one reason was because of the choice of vocabulary – Knight has her own for this world and once I started reading and getting my mind into that world, it flowed pretty easily.

Military Commander, Conte Camliel Aristos deTano has been betrothed to Princess Fleur Constante for a great long while. He’s been avoiding the marriage for just as long, but it’s time that these two not only meet but save their sentient planet,Verdentia, because it’s on the verge of destruction. Yes, I said sentient – I don’t know how or why but it works for me. After the couple’s marriage and their first time having sex, the sentient being(s) tell Ari that the depleted planet needs him to find a third. Their third turns out to be Ari’s right hand man, Visconte Doral deLorian. Together these three will form the first Tertriach the planet has seen in centuries.

You folks know how hard it is to like one character in a m/f story – tickle me pink that I liked all three in this m/m/f. Ari’s that nice blend of alpha with a soft side for the people he cares about. He’s been avoiding Fluer so long that it’s became a habit for him every time one of the elders requested his attention about her. Once he meets her, though, he’s smitten and you could tell he was slightly embarrassed with his previous treatment of her. Their chemistry together was smoking hot and fun to read.

Fleur is one of the few lower level magistras providing energy to Verdentia. She’s been waiting and preparing for the day when she would marry Ari. It kind of took me back for a second how sex was used a way to transfer energy to this planet but it didn’t take me long to get over that. The thing that I found special about Fleur is that she will do anything on this side of the law to save her planet. Her selflessness and compassion are a couple of her traits that Ari and Doral just couldn’t resist.

Doral – oh my word – had my heart a flutter. Knight’s description of him reminded me of a more charismatic Legolas and hey I’m human – I can’t resist that. Doral past was really bad, I mean he had been through some pretty crappy stuff and came out the other side a little bit jaded but no less protective of his loved ones. Because he wasn’t part of the initial relationship between Ari and Fleur, I was ready for him to be completely in love with Ari and accept Fleur as a way to get to Ari; but no, he was just as vested in the relationship with Fleur as he was Ari; my fellow readers, that earned a *fist pump* and a heck yeah!

The relationship and chemistry between the three characters worked so well, I couldn’t help but want an HEA for them. I’ve already got the second story (Hers to Choose) in my to be read stack.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+

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Hers to Command
by Patricia A. Knight
Release Date: June 2, 2013
Publisher: Troll River Publications

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