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louder than loveReviewed by Carrie

Perhaps I was confused by the cover of this book and the blurb, but I thought I was going to be reading a New Adult novel full of the usual angst and youthful shenanigans.  What I got was an emotional story with middle aged characters that oftentimes read like a VH1 Behind the Music episode.

After an unfortunate train accident takes the life of her husband, librarian returns to her childhood home with her precocious daughter to try to rebuild her life.  For the last three years Katrina has been muddling through her days still grieving her husband and former life.  She refuses to commit to anything – not a job or a house or even unpacking moving boxes.  While planning a children’s music program at the local library, Katrina comes across a CD of kid’s music by a musician who also performed the theme song to her daughter’s favorite television show.  When she finally seeks out the musician, he is far from what she expected.

Adrian “Digger” Graves has been muddling through his days as well, mostly with the aid of alcohol.  A former rock star of a popular metal band from England that burned fast and hot and now lives with the scars in the form of tattoos.  When Adrian agrees to perform for the library, Katrina sees a kindred spirit.  They begin the process of sharing their respective stories as a way to purge their ghosts.

This book is slow, sometimes heavy and often emotional.  Katrina sometimes comes off as whiney as she recounts her idyllic former life as a yuppie couple with everything.  It didn’t seem like she missed her husband as much as she missed the life and all the promises it held.  Perhaps if she had to work or struggle a bit more with life and responsibilities I would’ve felt differently.

Adrian’s band story, while totally clichéd, was the more interesting story because it was only after meeting Katrina and her daughter that he began to forgive himself, and others, for the choices they made.  Adrian sees this relationship as his second chance to get things right even though he feels that he doesn’t deserve as much.

Honestly, Adrian and Katrina’s relationship was a little humdrum.  It was their internal stories that were more interesting.  There was some life to Katrina in her relationships with her friends, even if it was a bit juvenile.  Katrina’s daughter Abbey was cute with all her Beatles knowledge.

Overall, I think that people who go into the book having a clear picture might enjoy it more than I did.

Rating: C

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Louder Than Love
by Jessica Topper
Release Date: September 17, 2013
Publisher: Berkley




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