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mate for twoReviewed by Shelly

A novella from Lynn Tyler, this is the beginning of the Helan Universe series. I like a good sci-fi that makes me use my imagination when the world building is good. D’Arik is the king of his people and has the responsibility of making sure that his race can continue. Both he and Varin, his consort and head of security, are on a mission to a newly found planet, Earth, where they’ve found a race that might or might not be compatible enough to carry their child. Jacy Townsend is the daughter of the most powerful man in the US and the chosen female to the king and his consort.

This was a pretty good start for the series. There’s a lot of room for growth and finding out more about the two guys and where they’re from. I hope Tyler tells us more of their world in the future installments.

I’m not sure that I like Jacy, actually I know I didn’t. She came across as really wishy-washy. One minute she’s all over D’Arik and Varin and the next minute she’s denying them and the reason they’re there. She sexing them up for the purpose of carrying their child but she doesn’t agree with their reason for being there – you can’t have it both ways. Now, don’t take this wrong but I don’t think that having sex within the first day of meeting makes for good erotica, porn yes – erotica no; I also like a believable plot. The way that Jacy felt about these guys yet still doing the sexy dance didn’t really make sense to me considering her personality. I just didn’t get that part at all.

D’Arik and Varin were mated about ten years before meeting Jacy, but the time they had together wasn’t always pleasant; the trouble of his dying people created an almost unbearable stress level that sapped a lot of the king’s energy and patience. I liked the relationship between the three of them. I especially thought that the chemistry that Varin and Jacy had was a boon to him because of the way that he was chosen by the king. Still didn’t like her but I liked Varin enough for the both of them.

In the end I thought this was an alright story and I will continue to read the series because I think the premise has promise.

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Rating: C

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Mate for Two
by Lynn Tyler
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Publisher: Siren

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