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rule of threeReviewed by Shelly

Since I started reviewing books for Red Hot Books, I’ve come to appreciate new to me authors. This is one such author. This isn’t Jamieson’s first story but it’s the first one that I’ve read and I was impressed with the style of writing, especially the way the dialogue kept the pacing quick with its many ups and downs. Who cries while they’re reading an m/m/f?  Me, that’s who. This story ended way too soon for my taste but unlike with many other menage stories, I did some stalking sleuthing and found out that the second story with the same characters will be available in October. I wouldn’t complain, not one bit, if that date got moved up.

If you read the book blurb for this story you might think that this story is just about sex. I would agree that there is some, well there’s a lot of sex but it’s definitely not any more than the characters getting to know each other. There’s an actual plot – quite good too, and solid character development here.

Kassidy and Chris are newly living together. They’ve been going out for a year and have a solid and very loving relationship. It’s what Kassidy has always wanted. Chris is happy and likable guy. I was really impressed with the way that he loved and respected her. Don’t get me wrong, he made mistakes and was no way perfect but he tried and that counts for something. Dag is Chris’s college friend and remained his best friend after college, even after Dag moved to another city and rarely visited. The attraction between these three was immediate off the charts hot. Chris likes to watch and Dag enjoys being watched, and Kassidy is just plain overwhelmed. Bring water, lots and lots of water.

What I found interested in this threesome was that Kassidy and Chris were very happy together and definitely not looking to add anything or anyone in their relationship. I can’t even say that as a couple they dated Dag. What I can tell you is that the way that the relationship developed between these three was methodically plotted and well told. I bought it and guess what? I was rooting my butt off that these three would get their HEA.

Kassidy was my favorite character. She was the voice of reason. She provided that perspective that maybe this could actually happen in real life. She’s the girl who sits in the cube next to you at work and goes home to two guys but you would never know it because Jamieson made her so incredibly kind hearted, nice and lovable – the good girl – that you’d never think that she’s got it like that. Splendid!

Chris and Dag both had their secrets, from each other and from Kassidy. But they had their reasons and it’s hard to fault them for it. What I really liked though was the way they didn’t leave Kassidy out of anything. They truly wanted her and made no bones about it. I was so happy she didn’t get to be just a chick on the side watching m/m sex and being turned on – that drives me nuts.

There’s no great external conflict here – no bad guy/girl waiting in the wings to ruin things for these three. Instead it’s just a well told story about three people coming together to find their own version of happiness and normalcy. I could go on and on about this book and how good I thought it was but instead I’m going save it and you can find out for yourself what I’m talking about.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Rule of Three

by Kelly Jamieson

Release Date: February 14th 2012

Publisher: Samhain

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