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demonsReviewed by Jen

Kendra Leigh Castle can craft some great tortured heroes!  In this second installment of her Hearts of the Fallen, she delivers in a big way with Meresin.  We got to know him a little in the last book… well, enough to know that he can control lightning, he has some anger issues, and he’s got a thing for the vampire king’s sister, Dru.  But beyond that, he is a mystery –to both the reader and everyone else around him.

As the book begins, Meresin is struggling with his powers. His anger and frustration are driving him to have dangerous outbursts and only Dru seems to be able to talk him down.  The feelings he has for her are mutual, albeit intangible, and she just can’t stay out of his orbit.  When she tries to take things to the next level, he pushes her away.  And when the Archangel Uriel sends him on a dangerous mission, she thinks she has seen the last of him.  But he catches her praying for him and he has to touch her one last time.  That’s when an angry vampire tries to kill him.  Dru steps in the way of the sword and would have died if Meresin had not made the fateful decision to bind her life to his.

That leaves the two of them essentially mated. But they know so little about each other… and Meresin thinks himself incapable of love.  So a relationship is anything but a foregone conclusion.  Dru decides to tag along on his mission to help him with his trials and keep close to the angel she is falling for.

I really enjoyed this book. Poor Meresin is such a basket-case.  But as the story progresses, we learn more and more about what drove him to that point.  Dru is the one thread that holds him to sanity, and its so gratifying to watch them build on that.  Dru is a fantastic heroine. She is strong and secure, without ever being a bully or a bitch.  She is patient and amazing with Meresin.  The sexual tension between them is so hot.  And when they finally get together… Did I mention he is a virgin??? Holy wow.  It was great.

I find that the more I read, I really like this world.  I was just kind of so-so on the first book in this series for a number of reasons, but here, I was all-in.  The secondary characters don’t play as much of a role this time around, so it’s not clear who will be the next featured couple.  I am thinking Murmur may be the hero, though… he is really the only other fallen angel we see. I’m definitely looking forward to his story!

Rating: B+

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The Demon’s Desire
by Kendra Leigh Castle
Release Date: August 26, 2013
Publisher: Entangled

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