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vampire thirstReviewed by Shelly

Picking up immediately after Dragon Heat, the first book in the series this is an exciting, travelled and fast paced adventure. Zoricah, Tardieh, Sam, and most of the characters from the first book return to continue the search for the mastermind behind the experiments on both the draconians and vampires.

Phoenix made an interesting choice telling this tale. Instead of weaving together all the story lines – Phoenix told Sam and Hikuro’s story in its own section, Zoricah and Tardieh’s continuation in it’s own then she brings everyone back together in the last section. That worked for me, I found that I didn’t have any trouble following any part of the story considering each couple’s story take place in different parts of the world.

The dragons and vampires have historically lived in separate parts of the world and Phoenix does stick to that. I’m not sure that this read would be as enjoyable if you didn’t read the first book which gives the back story of both couples including the circumstances surrounding Sam and Hikuro’s first meeting. So I would definitely picking that one up also.

Sam, the energy producing phenom, from Zoricah’s team and vampire, Hikuro, from Tardieh’s team have been directed by their respective leaders to work together to help solve the mystery of their disappearing people. For them to do this and do this well, both Sam and Hikuro have to put aside their first impression of each other.

I thought their chemistry worked really well. Sam has been either running or fighting, for a long time. She’s not had a chance to have a life outside of obedience to her leader and their people. I felt for her. What a noble yet sad existence. Her reactions to Hikuro fell in line with her background and experience – she didn’t just fall into bed with him nor did the love words fly. Theirs was a slowly built romance that had it’s setbacks and it all worked. There’s not a hotbed of sex here but what there is – Hikuro, you’re the man – props to you for taking care of your woman.

Hikuro, an old vampire, is shocked and even dismayed about this attraction that he feels towards one of his people’s enemy. He’s fighting something that he just can’t win. I felt the struggle and the angst he had about this feelings towards Sam. It made him very likable to me and I was on team Sakuro all the way.

A nice surprise was the ongoing story of Zoricah and Tardieh. The ups and downs that they go through as an established couple is addressed and thank goodness there is genuine love there because those elders are a bunch of manipulative bastards who all need to have something happen to them. I can’t wait for the next story in the series. I really want Yara up next, she’s so feisty.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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Vampire Thirst
by Ella J Phoenix
Release Date: June 25, 2013

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