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Review: Theirs To Keep

theirs to keepReviewed by Jaimie

Theirs To Keep is the first book in the Tangled Hearts trilogy by Maya Banks.  After following Maya’s posts on Facebook regarding this trilogy I was really excited to read it and as usual, she did not disappoint!  Where a lot of Maya’s most popular series center around a group of friends and/or family, with each character having their own story, this series is going to focus on the core relationship between Elle, Cade and Merrick.

Cade Winslow and Merrick Sullivan are best friends who own their own private security business.  Merrick is also a professional mixed martial arts fighter who is on the cusp of his shot at the championship.  When the two are pulled out of bed to investigate a break-in at one of their clients, they discover Elle hiding in a cupboard covered in blood, terrified out of her mind, and unable to remember who she is or what happened to her.   [Read more…]

Review: The Way Home

way homeReviewed by Carrie

So this book was supposed to be book 2 of Gerard’s One-Eyed Jacks romantic suspense series and a holiday one, to boot.  Killing Time was an outstanding start to a new series and I was so looking forward to the continuation of their story.  WELL…it’s not a continuation of the One-Eyed Jack’s story, there’s very little suspense and it is decidedly not a feel-good holiday story.  What the book does have is a quiet and sometimes somber tale of two couples on opposite sides of the world on their journeys of healing. [Read more…]

Interview & Giveaway: Jill Shalvis

Rumor Has It Tour BannerWe’d like to give Jill Shalvis a warm welcome to our blog today! Jill is the bestselling author of over four dozen romance novels, including her upcoming sexy contemporary romance RUMOR HAS IT, book four in the Animal Magnetism series set in the small town of Sunshine, Idaho. Jill is known for stories that are sexy, fun and full of heart. The 4-time Rita nominee and 3-time National Readers Choice winner makes her home near Lake Tahoe. Visit her website at for a complete book list and daily blog.

Q: Can you tell our readers a little bit about the Animal Magnetism (Sunshine, Idaho) series, and where your inspiration came from?

Jill: I’ve always wanted to write a series where I could incorporate cute animals. Cute animals and sexy heroes together, who can resist that. So I came up with a series about a set of wildly alpha brothers running an animal center in Sunshine, Idaho at the base of the Bitteroot Mountains.

Q: What is your favorite thing about writing this series? The sexy men, the heroines, or the animals?

Jill: All of the above, but okay, let me admit the truth – the combination of hot guys and adorable animals is pretty much irresistible for me. [Read more…]

Review: Rumor Has It

rumor has itReviewed by Carrie

This is another light contemporary read in Jill Shalvis’ Animal Magnetism series set in the small town of Sunshine, Idaho.  The stories have interconnecting characters, but they are all standalones.

On the surface, Griffin Reid is back in Sunshine for the wedding of his little sister Holly and best friend Adam, but few know that he might be back for good.  Still recovering from an IED blast that nearly killed him and did end his military career, Griffin is unmoored and unsure of the next phase of his life.  Once all he wanted to do was get far far away from the small town and his overbearing father, but coming back as an adult has Griffin looking at things in a different light. [Read more…]

Review: The Perfect Match

perfect matchReviewed by Janell

This book was just what I needed: adorable and funny with a fast pace and a slightly cranky British hero. I read it in my car, after dark, while eating a pint of ice cream, because I wanted to give the babysitter enough time to put my kids to bed. And then I read it in bed before I fell asleep, picked it up when I woke up, and read while I ignored my kids doing possibly dangerous things on skateboards until I finished it. I haven’t breezed through a book like that in a while, so, like I said, it was just what I needed. [Read more…]

Review: Archangel’s Legion

archangels legionReviewed by Jen

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Nalini Singh’s decision to return her focus of the Guild Hunter books back to the original couple of Raphael and Elena.  Far too often, I find myself bored with long running couples. They lose their fire and I lose my interest.  But I can promise you that is not the case here.  Not only did Singh reel me back in, I am loving this series now more than ever! [Read more…]

Review: Marine with Benefits

marine with benefitsReviewed by Shelly

This is the 16th story in the Always a Marine series from Heather Long and it tells the story of physical therapist Kara and marine Derek. Working at Mike’s Place as a physical therapist Kara’s life is at a standstill; including her unrequited love for her brother’s best friend, Derek. The only thing left to do is to get over him and the only way to do that is to go to Madame Eve. Derek has always had a thing for Kara, but he made a promise to his best friend, Keith, that he’s not willing to break – until he sees an all grown up Kara.

Long has a way with novellas, I’m always amazed that she can put together such a good story in so few words. Kara is a very likable heroine which with these short stories can be a little tricky to pull off, especially with the whole unrequited love an’ all. [Read more…]

Review: Doctor’s Orders

doctors ordersReviewed by Shelly

If you’ve ever read a crappy book, you know time can be perfect amnesia. I read the second one in the Martinis & Chocolate Book Club series and didn’t like it at all, but I jumped back into the water – I was desperate for something short, don’t judge.

This series is about the female members of the neighborhood Martinis & Chocolate Book Club. The ladies started out reading different books, but then got in a groove of reading books with BDSM content. From what I could figure out, the neighborhood is primarily made up of women who may or may not have married well. Brianne Templeton is a member of this group; she’s divorced and raising her young video gamer son. I’m not sure how she’s able to afford the neighborhood considering what she does for a living )and later finding out about her ex-husband’s questionable money source.) But I digress. [Read more…]

Review: Demon Night

demon nightReviewed by Jen

Hmm.  I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I liked the book before it.  I’m firmly entrenched in the world-building in this series, which is pretty cool. I understand how things work and I feel like I know most of the key players.  I’m definitely down with the series. But I had trouble connecting with this heroine, and even worse, I was frustrated by what felt like ridiculous impediments to their HEA.

Both the hero and heroine were new characters to the series.  Ethan is a Guardian, assigned to watch over a human woman named Charlie.  Charlie’s sister Jane is unknowingly a player in a demon scheme to replicate vampire blood.  They want to turn Charlie into a vamp in order to manipulate Jane into helping them.  [Read more…]

Review: The Last Hour of Gann

last hour of gannReviewed by Jen

Epic Science Fiction. It’s not a genre I have heard of before, but it seems to fit here.  This book is sweeping. It has depth. Breadth. It’s dark at times, but there is also hope.  There is love.  And there is, ultimately, an examination of what it means to be human and what truly constitutes a monster.  Epic.

The story follows Amber, a woman down on her luck, who in a last ditch effort to make a future for herself and her sister, secures passage for them both on a space expedition to colonize a new planet.   She is abrasive and overweight; people don’t like her.  But she is pragmatic and fiercely loyal.  Her already bad life gets unbelievably worse when her ship goes way, way off course, and crash lands on a mysterious planet after the passengers took a 200+ year nap.  The ship and most of the people on board go boom, leaving Amber, her sister, and about 50 other humans stranded in an alien world. [Read more…]