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killing timeReviewed by Carrie

You can always count on Cindy Gerard to put out a solid romantic suspense novel and this one is no exception.  Breaking off from her popular Black Ops Inc (BOI) series, Killing Time opens the One-Eyed Jacks series about a group of special operators that were burned in an op gone bad.

Mike “Primetime” Brown was once a dedicated soldier who lived and breathed his team.  Then, Operation Slam Dunk happened and not only did most of his team perish with him and two of his other teammates barely getting out alive, but when they got back stateside, he found himself in the middle of a court martial.  Maneuvered into taking a plea of less than honorable discharge which estranged him from his surviving teammates, Brown has been hiding out in Lima, Peru for the last eight years trying to exorcise his demons with booze.  Now a recovering alcoholic, he allows himself one day of relapse on the anniversary where his life went belly up.

CIA attorney Eve Salinas had always accepted that her husband, Raul, died in a training accident until the confidential file about Operation Slam Dunk lands on her desk.  Eve feels that she owes it to Raul to find out the truth and heads south to corner Brown, the person the file states is responsible for her husband’s death.  Finally confronting Mike Brown only leads to more questions and an assassin after both of them.  They team up to go undercover with a radical group to find the answers they both seek while fighting an ever growing attraction to one another.

I freaking love Cindy Gerard.  She knows how to fit all the puzzle pieces of a great romantic suspense together and gives you a great ride.  Brown is alternately cocky and vulnerable.  Eve is a great strong heroine but not so bullheaded to see the obvious connection she and Mike have.  The action is fast paced and keeps your mind engaged in figuring out the puzzle.  And for those of you who loved the BOI series, there is a little crossover (Gabe!!!).

Gerard is my go to author for this sub-genre and she doesn’t disappoint here.  I highly recommend picking this one up.

Grade: A-

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Killing Time
by Cindy Gerard
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Publisher: Pocket Books

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