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never againReviewed by Carrie

What would you do if you got the chance to make your first love, the guy who broke your heart, grovel and beg for you?  That’s the hook that drew me in to review this New Adult novel.  Sadly, it wasn’t as epic as I thought it might be, or perhaps it was just me still wishing I could kick Jimmy C. in the shins for breaking my heart sophomore year of high school… but I digress.

Liz Wagner is rolling along happy as a clam in her freshman year of college with her brother Josh, her boyfriend Joe and her group of friends, including BFF Sadie.  Then one day, as she’s walking into class, she spots her old boyfriend Zach.  Zach, the old boyfriend that was her first big love, who moved away and never called again.

Zach assimilates back in the group like he was never gone.  Even though Liz is seemingly happy, Zach’s presence reopens the big wound of her broken heart.  Zach is determined to get Liz back on his side as Liz is determined to keep him at arm’s length.

Liz comes off a little bitchy and harpy as she tries to thwart Zach’s efforts to get him back even though it is clearly apparent to all the characters and readers that she is still in love with him from the get go.  Perhaps her putting on a brave face instead of being screechy would have made the character a little bit more sympathetic.

I liked Zach’s character and was rooting for him even though the reason he “left” Liz was kind of a boneheaded move (but, hey, he was 17).  I also enjoyed the interactions with their gang of friends.

It was nice, for a change, to read a NA that didn’t include heroes and heroines with heavy abusive pasts.  It was a simple enjoyable story about overcoming the hurt that comes with your first broken heart and getting the second chance with your first love.

Rating: C+

*ARC provided by Penguin Group Berkley, NAL via NetGalley

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(Never) Again
by Theresa Paolo
Release Date: October 15, 2013
Publisher: Berkley/ NAL


  1. Readsalot81 says:

    I requested (and have apparently already read – according to GR) this one for review.. and I can barely remember a damn thing about it. Like it was nice.. but unremarkable. I can remember being annoyed that she kept the loser boyfriend around for so long when it was obvious she was into her ex, but I figured she was probably using him (the new b/f) as a security blanket or shield against her old love.

  2. I agree with you. There wasn’t much to it but the writing was decent if unremarkable. If it went up for $0.99, I’d say it would be worth the read.

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