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apocalipReviewed by Janell

It turns out that I’m not a fan of gore, so take that into account with this review, because it’s got a lot of zombie killing.

Jenna is eighteen, and about five years ago some sickness killed a lot of people. They were dumped into mass graves, and then those corpses reanimated and killed even more people, so the world doesn’t have a lot of humans. Jenna manages to find a group of people traveling south to a secluded inn where they can live happily ever after.

There are also “others,” people who survived the virus and now drink blood and burn in the sunlight but they’re nice and strong and they can survive on animal blood so they can travel with humans without killing them. And no one calls them vampires.

One of my problems with the book was that there were too many characters. It’s good to have a large group to travel with, but aside from a few notable characters, I couldn’t keep track of who was human, who was an other, or even who was a child. I guess I didn’t need as many character descriptions up front, or I needed more reminders along the way if they were going to be play a big role.

Another problem I had was the pacing. There were many opportunities for high drama in their road trip down south, but only a few of them were played out slowly and with suspense. A few times I finished a chapter thinking, okay, the next bit is going to be epic and dramatic and game changing, but then it wasn’t. They accomplished whatever impossible feat was in front of them and then continued on.

The action scenes are impressively described with the sights, sounds, and smells of decaying corpses being bludgeoned to death (or to death 2.0). I had to skim a lot of them. The love scenes are not described beyond kissing, because the heroine is eighteen so technically it’s YA? I guess it’s like the movie rating system where violence is more acceptable than sex? I think the author has a talent for the fight scenes, but the romance — including an attempted love triangle — was superficial.

The intrepid band of survivors is smart, brave, and lucky. Jenna is physically tough yet emotionally immature. The plot moves forward without any twists or detours. I just wasn’t excited by it how it all played out.

Rating: C

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by Lisa Acerbo
Release Date: August 1, 2013

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