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Crash Into Me is the first book in the Shaken Dirty series by Tracy Wolff and it definitely has me wanting to read more!  Jamison has been in love with her brother’s best friend Ryder since she was a teenager, but until recently he has only looked at her as a friend.  Ryder’s band Shaken Dirty is just hitting the big time but he more than anyone, knows the consequences that fame can have.  Years earlier his girlfriend was attacked backstage at his show and he has never recovered from that trauma.  He may feel that he doesn’t deserve a chance at happiness but Jamison is determined to show him that he’s wrong.

Jamison is having a really crappy week when we meet her.  She was in a car accident and her car was written off, she lost her job, and she ditched her cheating boyfriend.  Trying to forget her problems for a little while she goes to see her brother, Ryder and the gang when their band is in town.  Blending into the audience with the rest of the groupies, she can ogle Ryder from a far with no one noticing.  After the show she heads backstage and a singer from another band comes on to her strongly and refuses to take no for an answer.  When Ryder rescues her the sparks fly between the two.

With no job and no money, Jamison’s brother Jared hires her to go out on tour with the band and be their personal chef.  Most of the band members are excited to have Jelly Bean on the tour with them, but Ryder knows its only a matter of time before he won’t be able to keep his hands off her.  While telling himself she deserves better than him, the two finally give in to the sexual tension between them while using the old “no strings attached” line.  Although these stories have a predictable ending, watching them play out is always fun.

If I had any complaints about the story it would be that a lot of time is spent hinting at all this stuff from Ryder’s past, but that never really comes out.  We do get a story behind the situation with Ryder’s ex from all those years ago, but the earlier mentions about his childhood and how “messed up” he is, are not expanded on.  I thought there could have been so much more done with that back story and also with the stuff that is revealed about Jamison’s childhood and family.

One of the things I loved about the story was that Jamison is a size 12 and yet she gets to be with the big rock star.  I always root for an “average” sized heroine!  The chemistry between the two is really hot, and Ryder spends a lot of time telling her how beautiful she is, including a really sweet scene in front of the mirror.  I also really liked the intros to the other band members and thought those stories were set up nicely.  We got a glimpse as to what is going on with each of them, and those should make for great books when their time comes.

Overall I thought it was a great book and this is another series that I will be adding to my “follow” list!

Rating: B

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Crash into Me
by Tracy Wolff
Release Date: October 14, 2013
Publisher: Entangled


  1. Nice!! I’ll have to check this one out…rock stars and brother’s friend are yumy tropes

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