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demon crossingsReviewed by Jaimie

Demon Crossings is the first book in the Twilight of the Gods series by Eleri Stone.  I had initially started with book two but felt like I was missing some stuff so I went back and started at the beginning.  I’m glad I did!  While Norse Gods and mythology aren’t normally my thing, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the plot, the characters and the overall storyline.

The story revolves around Grace, a private investigator who stumbles into Ragnarok, Iowa, while looking for a missing girl.  She is a psychic who is able to locate the people she is looking for.  Grace crashes her car after seeing some kind of a monster in the road and she is rescued by Aidan, a sexy and somewhat old fashioned man who she instinctively trusts.  After spending the night at his house because she was unable to drive, she sees a picture on his mantle of a little girl.  When she touches it she has a link with Aidan’s daughter and realizes that the girl is not dead as everyone thinks.  She keeps this to herself because she’s spent a lifetime trying to avoid calling attention to her gift.

When Aidan takes her to breakfast she finds the young girl she was initially looking for.  On her way out of town she gets attacked by a creature she has never seen before and she realizes that there is more going on in Ragnarok than she thought.  When Aidan once again comes to her rescue, he tells her stories about Norse Gods, mythology and portals to other worlds.  While she doesn’t believe them immediately, she does agree to try to track down Aidan’s daughter.

It is very easy to like both Aidan and Grace.  Aidan is a strong, reliable man that takes care of his people and those he loves.  While he is focused on getting his daughter back, he begins to fall for Grace which makes it harder for him to allow her to risk her safety for his daughter.  Grace is a very strong, independent woman mostly by necessity.  People have consistently let her down through her life so she has a hard time with the closeness of the clan.

I really enjoyed some of the secondary characters, particularly Fen and Christian.  There was a set-up for the next book but it wasn’t done in a way that shoved the characters down your throat.  They blended into the story nicely as Aidan’s best friends and they accepted Grace while others were more resistant to her.

Aidan’s daughter was trapped in a different world and getting her out is very risky to all involved.   The clan does not want their leader taking that risk, but he cannot leave his daughter there.  Grace is determined to go in and rescue the young girl even though she knows it is likely that she will die.  While preparing for the opening to gain access to the other world the two become increasingly more connected and neither one is sure what to do about it.  The sex scenes were hot and the bond that slowly developed between them was realistic and sweet.

Overall the story kept me wanting to read more, and I was really rooting for Grace and Aidan.  I’m hoping that in further books we will get to see a little more of Aidan’s daughter and how she is getting along with Grace.  There was enough of a tease of Fen that I can’t wait to dive into his book.  The book was well written, interesting and had a hot romance.  I definitely recommend it!

Rating: B

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Demon Crossings
by Eleri Stone
Release Date: January 2, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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