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demon nightReviewed by Jen

Hmm.  I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I liked the book before it.  I’m firmly entrenched in the world-building in this series, which is pretty cool. I understand how things work and I feel like I know most of the key players.  I’m definitely down with the series. But I had trouble connecting with this heroine, and even worse, I was frustrated by what felt like ridiculous impediments to their HEA.

Both the hero and heroine were new characters to the series.  Ethan is a Guardian, assigned to watch over a human woman named Charlie.  Charlie’s sister Jane is unknowingly a player in a demon scheme to replicate vampire blood.  They want to turn Charlie into a vamp in order to manipulate Jane into helping them.  Ethan doesn’t intend to let that happen.  So he positions himself as her next door neighbor and is there to help her when the bad guys make their move.

Charlie is a weak woman.  This isn’t my interpretation, but rather a point driven home quite frequently in the story. She has a history of drinking away her problems and leaning on various crutches to get her through tough times.  She even destroyed her own voice in a drunk driving crash, obliterating her exceptional ability to sing.  Now she is trying to better herself, but she is deathly afraid that she will again succumb to her own weaknesses.  And what greater weakness than falling in love, right?

Ethan is an old cowboy who made a couple of wrong turns before becoming a Guardian… and one or two since.  He’s sultry and sexy in an “aw shucks, ma’am” kind of way.  That appeal is one of the few things that saved the book for me.  Because his relationship with Charlie was a hot mess.  These two wanted each other from the get-go, but their fears, coupled with an inability to express their feelings and needs complete cripple their momentum.  Every conversation where they would pussyfoot around what they needed and wanted… every time they left vital things left unsaid… every time they miscommunicated… my patience grew thinner and thinner.

The action part of the plot was fairly good, though I thought Jane was a complete tool and got off way too easy for the lack of regard she showed her sister.  The sex was hot. And I feel like the series is developing well overall. But this couple and their whiny crap didn’t hold a candle to Colin and Savi. Hopefully, the next romance will work better for me.

Rating: B-

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Demon Night
by Meljean Brook
Release Date: February 5, 2008
Publisher: Berkley


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