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doctors ordersReviewed by Shelly

If you’ve ever read a crappy book, you know time can be perfect amnesia. I read the second one in the Martinis & Chocolate Book Club series and didn’t like it at all, but I jumped back into the water – I was desperate for something short, don’t judge.

This series is about the female members of the neighborhood Martinis & Chocolate Book Club. The ladies started out reading different books, but then got in a groove of reading books with BDSM content. From what I could figure out, the neighborhood is primarily made up of women who may or may not have married well. Brianne Templeton is a member of this group; she’s divorced and raising her young video gamer son. I’m not sure how she’s able to afford the neighborhood considering what she does for a living )and later finding out about her ex-husband’s questionable money source.) But I digress.

Brianne has a crush on her best friend’s brother in law, the good Dr. Nate Hart. I had some trouble with the dynamics with the six degrees of separation – including, but not limited to, Brianne’s familiarity with Nate and his ex-wife while that marriage was still together. The whole set up just smacked of a daytime soap opera. So anyway, after Nate reveals his equal like of Brianne, Nate also divulges his Dom status. And that’s when the relationship takes off.

I actually thought Brianne could have been a pretty likable character. She had her problems, yes, but who doesn’t? Nate that’s who. He was perfect in his Dom-ness and absolutely wouldn’t consider a relationship with Brianne outside of that lifestyle at all. Yes, I love you, but no, I love me more. That’s what I got from him. But it doesn’t matter because she was all gung-ho for the kink and I guess who wouldn’t be, right?

I’m quite sure I was supposed to feel sympathetic towards Brianne for the way her ex treated her, but I really couldn’t because I couldn’t figure out why she chose him in the first place. Yeah, people can change in a marriage, but they will sometimes give clues along the way – it’s whether we pay attention or not. I was disappointed with the storyline between the ex and his current wife, it was ridiculous and unnecessary and made Brianne seem less than, because she was, after all, a choice that the ex also made.

There wasn’t a lot to find out about Nate. Other than being a Dom, he’s a father but there wasn’t any written interaction with him and his children and/or Brianne or her child. Like the second story, this one was very free with Nate’s interaction with Brianne’s son which was fine, but this kid was way too trusting, this quick after a divorce. Then there’s the whole thing with Nate spending the night and some pretty wild noisy sex going on that would raise the dead. I don’t understand how this author repeatedly writes about that without any pretext of the heroine being conscious of the children being in the same house. In the end, I’ve tried this author twice and now I can unequivocally say I’m done with both the series and the author.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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Doctor’s Orders
by Lara Valentine
Release Date: June 14, 2012
Publisher: Siren

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