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fighting for youReviewed by Janell

This is the fourth book in the Danvers series, which is about all the hot men who work at the Danvers company and all the women who work there and fall in love with them. I read the first book, which was pretty light and cute, but didn’t get around to the next two, so I wanted to see how this book played out.

Declan and Ella work at Danvers, obviously. They met in a previous book, and became friendly in a previous book, so when their story begins they already have an established rapport. Obviously Ella has a crush on him. Ella is a virgin, having grown up in a religious family and just recently moved out on her own. Declan is a former soldier who has nightmares about Afghanistan. He keeps to himself pretty much, except around Ella because she’s so darn sweet.

When Ella tells Declan that she’s, you know, interested in him, he shuts her down because he’s no good for someone so pure like her. So Ella joins a dating website to find someone willing to give her experience. Declan is upset, and comes to the natural conclusion that if anyone is going to give her experience, it should be him. He tells her upfront that he’s not going to marry her, or be with her for very long, but he will make her toes curl.

Just like that, they’re in a relationship. It was all too easy, especially since I felt like I missed their whole getting-to-know-you phase. But just when the plot was getting predictable, a woman from Declan’s past shows up with a not-surprising surprise. It gives Declan and Ella a chance to move their relationship to a deeper emotional level, which I enjoyed.

The story is interspersed with scenes of the heroines of past books getting together for some good ole’ girl talk. Personally, I’m not a fan of scenes like these, or at least no more than one per novel, because they take away from the main couple. And this book has four women, plus a fifth added in who will probably star in the next book, so that was a lot to cover. It felt forced, like they’re all so connected so of course we want to see them over and over. Then again, I’m sure some readers appreciate it.

Near the end, Declan decides that he must break up with Ella because he’s so damaged and he doesn’t want to drag her down to his level. That’s one of my most hated hero actions: deciding what’s best for the heroine without discussing it with her. A plot device intercedes before Declan can dump her, which is great because otherwise he wouldn’t have realized that he loved her. Although cheesy, their HEA was really cute.

Overall this was predictable but cute. It had some good hot scenes, and an excellent humiliating morning-after scene. I probably won’t continue with the series, but it has some great continuity for those readers who do like it.

Rating: B-

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Fighting for You
by Sydney Landon
Release Date: October 15, 2013
Publisher: Penguin

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