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long shotReviewed by Janell

This reunited lovers story was delightful and surprising. I usually hate this trope because the characters spend half of the book avoiding each other or reminiscing about the best sex they ever had back in high school. Thankfully, this book zigzagged around both of those issues in a believable way.

Jen and her sister spent their summers in Gleann, New Hampshire with their aunt. Leith, a local boy, befriended Jen at the playground. As they grew up, they played harmless pranks around town. During Jen’s last summer in Gleann, Leith brushed his arm against Jen’s, then he kissed her behind a store, and soon they were having sex in the back of his dad’s Caddy. But Jen had always wanted to go to college to escape her past and make something of herself. Even though Leith begged her to stay, she walked away from him and moved to New York.

Ten years later, Jen is back in Gleann. She’s an events organizer and her sister has begged her to come back and save the Highland Games, the town’s lifeblood. Jen takes a vacation from her job and soon enough ends up face to face with Leith. Leith won the Highland Games a few times, so to say that he looks like sex in a kilt is a pretty accurate statement.

Jen and Leith carefully reunite. First they’re polite, then friendly, then they talk about the past and acknowledge what it meant to each other. Leith is in the midst of his own problems, with the death of his dad three years ago, and the failure of his landscaping business. He’s preparing to cut ties with Gleann and start over in Connecticut.

These characters are amazingly honest with each other. Jen doesn’t lie, and Leith admits that he won’t make her any promises because he doesn’t want to let her down. When they get back together, it’s not bogged down with memories of the past. Leith notes that it feels better to be with her today than it had in the past.

After their first sexual encounter, Leith asks Jen why she only came once, which was the last thing I would have expected him to say. They didn’t just go back to how things were before, they re-learned each other. And neither of them freaked out about past partners, which was refreshing.

The HEA did not happen how I was expecting, which was a nice surprise. The author really showed how the characters grew and purposefully changed, which is a credit to the writing. It’s like their ten years of separation showed them how people can evolve into even better versions of themselves. The resolution was mature, emotional, and pretty damn hot.

This is the first in a series of books about the Highland Games. The way they’re described, with the insane athletics, whiskey bars, and strong men in kilts, makes it hard to resist. I’m definitely on board for the next one.

Rating: B+

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Long Shot
by Hanna Martine
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Berkley


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