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making the first moveReviewed by Shelly

This is my first Reese Ryan story and I really like her style of writing; her characters were interesting and the pacing was fast. After getting her dream job promotion, Melanie Gordon is coming back home after a lengthy absence. But right before she leaves, Raine Mason makes the first move since their friendship began. He wants Melanie even if she’s going to another state, but Melanie is resistant to starting something new that’s also going to be long distance.

Considering the premise is, at its core, friends to lovers, Ryan did a good job of not making this the typical kind of story. Even more interesting or constricting, Melanie’s perspective is the only POV that the reader gets.  Seeing things only through her eyes can get pretty frustrating at times, but she’s got a sense of humor that I could relate to, so that made for some laugh out loud moments. An effect of this choice of storytelling is that I found out a lot about Melanie – things I didn’t like about her and some that I did like. One of the things that I liked and appreciated in her was that she’s stubborn and steadfast and that was very evident in her career path. But it was also her Achilles heel because she’s not so good with listening to outside opinions. If it wasn’t for the relationships with her family and friends back in her home town, I don’t think I would have liked her as much as I did. If I only had her relationship with Raine as a basis of her personality, her likability would be way, way less.

Raine’s character was difficult for me to know and like. It wasn’t until the last quarter of the story that I thought he really liked Melanie – again probably because of the story’s POV, but he just didn’t seem as if he was a main part of the plot. Most of the conversations that were between Raine and Melanie, I don’t know the details because I was told they happened and they were either good or bad. For me, the preference would have been to let Raine have his own voice through-out and not have it filtered by Melanie. That probably contributed to my not thinking that the chemistry between them was as hot as Melanie would say it is. The evidence was a bit lacking. The sex scenes weren’t bad, they just weren’t sexy and that was really disappointing because the potential for hotness was definitely there.

The supporting characters and their stories – Melanie’s mom, her sisters, brother in law, along with Raine’s sister Autumn carried a lot of the plot and helped me to like this story much more than I would have if I only had Melanie and Raine to read about. There’s a whole lot of love amongst these families and that was good to see because not everyone has constant drama, tomfoolery and shenanigans going on — well, except for that one coworker who just can’t seem to help herself.

Overall, this is was good story that made for a quick, witty, and slightly angst filled read.

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Rating: B-/C+

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Making the First Move
by Reese Ryan
Release Date: July 22, 2013
Publisher: Carina Press

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